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Concert Review: Matoma Slays Terminal 5

From Norway to New York, Matoma is SLAYING life, right now.  Credited with introducing Biggie to Scandinavia, he brought Hip Hop mixes that were pure genius to NYC. The music producer/ DJ was the very definition of “LIT”: from stage, effects, and cunning creativity. 

Not too many people can hear a common thread between Lil’ John’s “Turn Down For What”, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”, and Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”. Yet, it was in hearing these three songs leeway into each other that I realized Matoma is brilliant. The way he flows and patterns his mixes might as well be the musical version of “quilting”. He brings back old-school Hip Hop tracks from the likes of DMX, Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Ja-Rule and maneuvers them into each other in a way that makes you understand why Hip Hop is so powerful. For however many “beefs” are in the game, Matoma shows a common unity between rappers’ talent and prowess by effortlessly flowing their rhymes into each other and, eventually, his own music. He beautifully/intelligently places his own produced tracks like, “All Night” and “False Alarm” in between classic Hip Hop songs that made it seem as if you, the viewer, were taking a ride through the genre’s history into its future producer/remixer: Matoma. As a New York/BX native that devours Hip Hop beats like spiritual pancakes, it is humbling to say that Norway is giving Hip Hop realness/ influence. Its humbling because both New Yorkers and the U.S. feel possessive of this now global phenomena because we are its birth-home. Yet, as Hip Hop goes on to birth its own sister cultures in France, Russia, and now Scandinavia, you cannot help but feel like you are watching your baby grow up and make her own family.
Matoma has sincerely been blessed with what many call “the ear” ” or an uncanny ability to hear rhythm flowing before it even forms. Honestly, if you listen to his previous records you will understand that this is an artist that both grows in his personal music perspective/style but also has the potential of being a grand power-player/ influencer. His show is a testament to his distinct and distinguishable prowess as a DJ with some of the most lively special effects I have seen. The way the lasers, cartoon images, and smoke pits blazoned upward and through the crowd’s minds transformed Terminal 5 into Matoma- World. In said world, music is not just an art, but a mental destination where feeling good is a must for entry. As Matoma asked the crowd, “Are You Ready To Party”, and danced from his DJ booth with a happiness that made it seem as if he were discovering his love for music for the first time, you could not help but give to the atmospheric joy.  If you ask me one concert to see to feel absolute euphoria I would say to buy a ticket to see Matoma. For More Information On Matoma Click Here.