Concert Review: DJ Snake Brings The Effects To NYC

DJ Snake is already big in personality and sound. When he enters a stage or makes a beat, you can feel that this man wants to come off immortal. Luckily, for NYC, he also wants to party like one.

I am constantly discussing that special/ visual effects are not necessaries if you, yourself, are a show. This does not mean that I do not love visual effects because they can certainly lead to mind-blowing alterations of a song and add momentum to an atmosphere. Yet, DJ Snake was a special concert because here is a man that is a show in itself, to which the special effects elevate his sky-rocketing persona. He wants you to be on 10 like him, and feel as if it is you in the DJ booth mixing and concocting beats that spark physical stimulus to spiritual sensations. He looks upon the crowd like a man looking down from the sky wondering what thunderous rhythms or overcast of clouded synths can he spread over the audience to make them move. His piercing perception of his audience’s desires and needs to have a good night is what makes night and life synonymous for so many young people. It is underneath the stars, and at Pier 94, that DJ Snake gave an artful display of how to get lit.

Let Me Love You

// say the house was shaking is an understatement; the WORLD was quaking. The energy was almost otherworldly, in part, because DJ Snake and the visual effects blended perfectly to make it seem as if the night had a supernatural MC. This Master of Ceremonies yelled “Dance!” and every one would, yelled “Scream!” and no one would fight it, and said “You ready to have a good time!?” and every person agreed there was no way not to. It was an exceptional night that oddly brought the Christmas/ New Year spirit.


Let us be frank: 2016 might have been one of the saddest ones for humanity. All over the world hate became a more prominent choice, and was boldly veiled as righteous and educational, when in fact, it really is an optional feeling. Yet, seeing elements like fire, neoned lights, and what ever pictures crossed the ambiance/ your mind, brought back the sense of vision and love that can overtake a person when they give into a moment. In some ways, this is where DJ Snake becomes a powerful/ unique concert experience: his aim is to give the audience a moment. While many artists, rightfully, focus on just displaying themselves, he focuses on the audience displaying their self. He creates a sonic. dynamic space that is about you revealing yourself to the music. Whether its be through sways or smiles, you realize that you go to concerts like, DJ Snake, not to see what their music shows about them, but what it shows about you. For More Information On DJ Snake Click Here.