Album Review: Nicole Millar’s Communication EP Has A Clear Message: Bounce!

It is amazing to see the global force that Hip Hop and R&B have become as genres. Not one artist can say they have not been influenced or inspired by these genres’ soul or beats in some fashion. Hip Hop and R&B have come a long way from their U.S. births a few decades ago, which explains why a young Aussie by the name of Nicole Millar has managed to take these genres’ style and comfortably spin them to her own essence/ EP Communication. 

Nicole Millar’s Communication EP is simply fun seduction. The Sydney native has managed to draw out the cooing sultriness of R&B, add drops of Hip Hop’s heavy bass, and mix in some Caribbean flavored synth-pop for your pleasure. The result is a five track EP that does not make you dance; it makes you bounce. You may ask the difference, and it lies in the level of coolness and ease this EP moves within listeners.

Communication enters your sonics smoothly as if Millar has learned the art of clear expression. Like communication, itself, Millar’s initiative is well understood by its first song, “No Bad Vibes”. By far my favorite track and the one that most captures the indescribable, “bounce” feeling I have mentioned, “No Bad Vibes” is a good introduction to Millar’s style and route as an artist. It is a ripe thematic blend of positivity and staying clear of drama, which is why its bassline and lyricism will pull every “club-goer” with its charm. Whom would not want sing and elaborate “No Bad Vibes” at club? After all, you go to dance to heighten your energy. Such elevation of energy can be felt in her next track, “Signals”, which has intoxicating rhythms that when matched with the reigning lights of the club, will make it appear like the music of your ear’s dreams.  
You may not think your ear’s have dreams, but, in some ways, the pleasure they feel in music can appear visionary. Songs like “Pixelated” and “One Thing” strike up the kind thoughts of young couple’s innocence, and remind listeners of the 90’s sweet interpretation of love. From its throwback synth-rhythms to Millar’s warm, affectionate voice, this latter half of the EP, especially, “Love Like I Never”, will feel like was made as a delicious homage to the era. Although modernized with more twilighted, electric beats, their result will be the same as the first two tracks: they will leave you dancing, or, rather, bouncing at the club. If not, Nicole Millar ends Communication EP with the Sweater Beats mixed track: Better. This Hip Hop DJ, whom has been featured in Broad City, knows how to make music for Millennial nightlife, and, with Nicole Millar, clarifies the EP’s message of “Have a good time!”. For More Information On Nicole Millar And To Buy Communication EP Click Here.