Album Review: Tigertown’s EP Papernote Is Packed With Club Anthems

I have covered Tigertown previously as I admire their story of family unity meets musical glory. From their newest EP Papernote, I have already concluded that they are bound to the be a major hit in in colleges and cities because of their “club anthems” . In their debut EP Papernote, they matched thoughtful lyrics with a pop sound that promotes positivity. 
Club Anthems are more than just a celebration of youth; they are a celebration of optimism towards life. Papernote is basically four club anthems that celebrate different aspects of life and love, while unifying under the musical veil of positivity. With electro-pop rhythms that bounce into your mind like like a child’s toy, there is a purity to Tigertown’s sound because it is so joyful in essence. 

Track By Track Review
Papernote: this techno jam summons 80’s synth-pop and blends it with Millennial flares of house/ electronica. It is a ready made dance jam that makes you want to grab some colorful neon tights and weights to “jazzercise”. That may sound a little cheesy, but so is fun! Yet, on a serious note, the song rises with lyrics that are sweetly visionary in their desperate call to turn real love into a heavenly dream.

// Me Away (Feat Filous): if there is one thing on Tigertown’s side, it is their ability to make sing-along harmonies and melodies. Frankly, what is the part that you most remember of a song? This track’s easy to listen lyrics and “sing along” choruses elevate it to “put me on the radio NOW! status”.

What You Do:  quickly-paced and ready to move you, What You Do, againhighlights Tigertown’s capacity to make a catchy hook. Moreover, it is a lyrical look into love’s hypnotic capacity. When you are in love, it is hard to resist what the “object of your affection does”, even if you give all your efforts to not be pulled by your desire. 
Papernote (BØRNS x Tommy English Remix): Tigertown and BØRNS are a match made in the cosmos. This “remix” has more of an intergalactic sound, which makes you feel like you have walked into a club scene in Guardians of The Galaxy. Of course, their music, being a celebration of youth, assures that that club is located in the brightest star in the universe. 
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