Album Review: Daniella Mason’s Technicolour EP Is Packed With Radio Hits And Heart

Daniella Mason’s debut EP, Technicolour, should be the soundtrack for every future EDM festival. It is five tracks into the heart of electro-pop, and is a giant “Wake Up Call!” to your life. From the first song to its last, it feels like Mason is your musical alarm to be yourself to the fullest, which is a powerful introduction to this artist. 

If someone told me that this EP was recorded at a rave in a neon, fun house, I would believe it. It just seems like a big, colorful record that opens listeners to let loose, be weird, and have fun. I always admire when artists go straight for good times, and that is what Mason does in Technicolour. Her songs are beautifully insightful in lyrics like, in Planet and Shade of You, but, for the most part, it is her beats that are targeted straight for upbeat times free of anxiety and stress. It is impossible not to dance to this album nor crack a smile. It has happiness woven into its every musical second, which also makes it impossible to determine which would be a radio hit. They all can legitimately rock the Top 5 of Pop.

Track By Track Review:

1) Technicolour: this song is a perfect introduction for the EP and Daniella Mason. It is an absolute joy to hear, and, again, goes with her vibes of pure fun. Her vocal annotations, harmonies, and the overall summer rhythms could make this song dominate the dance club scene. It is sexy in a typical bubblegum, pop fashion. You just feel like a sensual stick of candy dancing around the scene. Who can argue with that feeling? Moreover, it displays her vocal range/ prowess. At one point she belts a note that could compete with some of the current Millennial songstresses like, Adele and Ariana Grande.

2) Planet: This song is Mason’s soft, casual step into pop-soul. It is a sweet ode to love at its highest and kindest. As she sings “You are my favorite person in the planet. This thing can’t get much better, can it?”, you will find yourself unwittingly smiling. It is a simple track that represents how great love can make you feel, which is refreshing to hear as most radio songs focus on love’s heartbreak. Thankfully, Mason gives listeners a reason to remember why people fall in love in the first place; it can feel really nice.

3) Distant Lover: if someone told me this song was actually written in an 80’s discotheque…. Again, I would believe it. It makes you want to put on a Madonna outfit and starts doing high kicks as Mason stunningly sings about a lover that never gave her a proper chance. Once again, she proves her vocals have range, which I hope listeners will give themselves the chance to relish. Do no let the electric “doc-wops” fool you. Daniella Mason can sing!

4) Shade of You: This song would be my selection for Mason’s first radio single, in part, because it feels like it was written by Katy Perry. This track summons the Rise singer’s essence, which is why I think it would be a massive radio hit, just like Ms. Perry. The beats build a futuristic pop landscape where Mason lyrically contemplates whether her relationship with her lover is “healthy”? She literally repeats, “Are you good for me?“. If that does not sound like a popular pop recipe, then call me crazy!

5) All I Want: the is an enlightened, whimsical song. The bassline rhythms are almost straight out of a fairytale. Moreover, the song solidifies two assets to Mason’s brilliant future and sonic rhetoric. First, her smooth repetitions of lyrical phrases is common throughout each song, and gently seductive  in this one. As she repeats, “All I Want”, your hear her chorus of multiple versions of her vocal range in harmony. This pretty style/ trick is her second asset to both the Technicolour EP and her future. I loved this song, and thought it was a romantic end to a strong, fantastic EP.

My inner intuition says there is a bright, music future for Daniella Mason. She has mainstream success capabilities, but also raw talent and heart. Hence, her music not only fits into radio, but stands out in it. No matter what anyone says, music matter because the heart matters.They are interconnected, and Daniella Mason sees that. Click Here for more information on Daniella Mason, and to buy the Technicolour EP on August 12.