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Artist Close-Up: Cosmos & Creature Are My New Pop Obsession

Warning: I am about to seriously gush over this band because they are that good! Cosmos & Creature are like like a pack of pixie sugar: one hit and you are ready to walk through your life like it is your pageant! With a sound and style that is pop elegance, this duo clearly understands that to rise in both the minds and hearts of the music industry and fans, you need to know your worth/ brand. 

Let’s be honest, the music industry is a business, and nowadays to make it in “the business” you need to package yourself perfectly. Gone are the days when someone would discover you and mold you into a star. Now, you have to shine like a star and pray someone finds you. Hence, my excitement at hearing Cosmos & Creature, whom are so blatantly bright and know it! This pair of stars (Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore) are so confident in their sound that you can hear their musical light blazing in their new track: Young.

Cosmos & Creature is a perfect name for the duo, as heard in their new song Young. They make music that is universal in scope and distantly imaginative. In Young, they sonically re-create the “epicness” of being young and feeling connected to life, love, and everything in between, which  is why the song is a balance between intimate and intergalactic. When you discover how in tune you are with your own light and that of the universe, you feel both human and alien like, you are something bigger and small, all at once. That musical balance/ message is not easy to strike. Yet, Young is  exuberant in joy and pop flashiness while humble through lyrics and an EDM bass that shows the earthly high of feeling celestial.

Cosmos & Creature fuses progressive pop and electronica with melodies that sound like cosmic waves riding above you. This makes sense as Brandyn explains their creative inspiration is “very cosmic and natural”. With a quickly growing fan base and industry attention, Cosmos & Creature are fast becoming one of the pop/electronic acts of the year Click Here For More Information On Cosmos & Creature.