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Artist Close-Up: TYNI Shows That pop Music Has A “Fighter” Spirit

If Charli XCX and Frank Ocean had a baby that grew up to be a pop star, she would be TYNI. The British songstress is determined to bring the unique, anthemic production qualities of these artists and combine them with her own initiative to show pop music’s  “Fighter” spirit. Not many connect pop as the genre that makes people want to put their fists in the air, fight norms, and discover individuality. After all, “bubblegum” is a common term associated with it. Yet, like the chewable candy, Tyni has several, sweet flavors that will leave your spirit fresh like in her new song “Fighter”. 

Instrumentally, “Fighter” could easily fit into Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party. It sounds like a sugar rave: both blazingly energetic but simple enough to not overpower you. Its beats are pure, electro symphonies that make you want to dance as TYNI encourages you to not conform to others desires or perceptions of you. A noble cause close to the Woodhouse native’s, whose pharmacist technician mum, gas-man dad, and elder sister guided her to find her own, particular spirit. Lessons she carried throughout her school years.

 “To be blunt, some girls wanted to beat me up.” Tyni says. “Was it the fact I had a unicorn on my bag? I don’t know. I wasn’t quite like everybody else.”. Rather than withdraw into herself or confirm to fit in, TYNI decided to ignore it, continue to approach life on her own terms, and throw herself headfirst into her life-long passion of music. By the age of 9, TYNI was signed up at Sheffield’s Joy Reynolds theatre school. A music industry showcase followed some years later, and now, at 21, she is releasing an EP, also titled “Fighter”. Combining substance and style, TYNI creates music that makes you want to jump for joy while also protect that happiness. While every pop song can make you feel good, there are true gems that make you want to defend the good of you like, a  “Fighter”.  For More Information on TYNI Click Here.