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Album Review: Colony House’s “Only The Lonely” Gives Good Music For Company

2017 is already beginning with some great music. On January 13, Colony House releases their sophomore album ONLY THE LONELY which is filled with big, anthemic instrumentals and the stylishly chilled voice of Caleb Chapman. The record is a good, reinforcing welcome to 2017 as a year of self-reflection and better choices.

ONLY THE LONELY is a solid title for a record that, thematically, approaches the ins and outs of falling in love with life. Even within one day life can be the “best” and “worst” thing you have ever had. Just listen to the wildly invigorating first track, “Cannot Do This Alone”. Its topics of humility and epiphanies are the foundation of the entire record combined with a blazing guitar melody that embodies both Caleb’s and every listeners’ “aha” moment: “I should have listened”. Whether it is your parents, your friends, or your own heart, we all have an instant when we recall the better choices and words of wisdom we simply ignored. Thus, ONLY THE LONELY is an indie pop dream of recollection. From “Where Your Father’s Been” to “I Want It All”, Colony House has made a sophomore album that outshines their debut, while also confirming they are a band that have and  will continue to grow in sound.
Colony House – You Know It

It is always exciting to hear the musical growth of a band because you feel, as a fan, that you have places/ achievements to go with the artist. While many describe Colony House as “surf-pop”, ONLY THE LONELY elaborates their wavy music compositions by stepping up their lyrics and sound in spirituality. Such a an emotional/ musical weight converts their “surf-pop” into oceanic, with tracks like ” Lonely” and “Remembered For” feeling like songs your soul could swim through. This group has doubled its capacity, since its debut When I Was Younger, to build catchy hooks and harmonies that further Caleb Chapman as man with an undaunted voice. He sings unfazed by the seeming spiritual heftiness of his thoughts, which allows for the album’s bigger production to come off as exactly that: bigger. From life to sound, ONLY THE LONELY feels like a huge step for Colony House with every song having a full-on sing-along moment and a sincere message to better one’s self. By amping their their bass, guitar, and drums with a pulsing up-tempo, ONLY THE LONELY has a driving, energized quality. 
Colony House – This Beautiful Life (Audio)

There is a forwardness to ONLY THE LONELY’s rhythms that makes you feel like nothing can bring you down. Even songs like “Follow Me Down” and “Was It Me”, that are both about reaching breaking points/ ultimatums in relationships, carry a lightness to their lyrical weights that are, again, measured by the positive instrumentals and vocals of Colony House. Such an empowering sound makes you feel that acknowledging the wrongs of yourself and others does not have to make you feel wrong, as well. So often we approach decisions of the past and future with an element of shame. Colony House’s ONLY THE LONELY is a stunning and dynamic record that proves if you are doing your best then you are doing right. Though you always have room to grow, changing for the better means seeing that your “better” will always change. Unfortunately, ONLY THE LONELY few seem to realize this lesson, which explains why they can feel so alone. Many presume better is a sole, simple position, but it is a moving one, like this album. For More Information On Colony House And To Buy Only The Lonely On January 13 Click Here. 
Colony House – Lonely (Audio)