Album Review: Jain’s “Zanaka” Is Techno-Tribal Music

Jain’s Zanaka is one of the most enlivening records I have heard.  From start to finish, you will feel like you have joined a techno-tribe, where the club is your village, and music is your hunting tool. Not anyone will be able to deny this record’s ability to make you tap into your instincts and inhibitions with a friendly clarity and a passionate manifestation.
Jain – Makeba (Official Music Video)

Instincts and inhibitions might be the two greatest, spiritual forces human beings’ deny within themselves. How many time have people said, “I should have gone with my instinct!” or they have self-destructed over not learning how to positively enact their inhibitions. Thus, Zanaka has a fantastical ability to make you rhythmically feel like your instincts and inhibitions are not moral depressants but spiritual liberations. She has created a solid, dance album that gives its listeners a “musical break” to let loose a little. By giving her songs a Hip Hop flare with a tribal kick-beat and meshing them with electro-pop/techno-music, Jain has created a sound that is both uniquely her in voice and FUN!
Techno music is like a cult favorite. Too easily, can people be termed “nerds” for liking techno music or they can even be degraded as too “lustful”. Yes, techno songs can have a synthetic, sexual undercurrent to its motivations, but Jain’s Zanaka reminds listeners that techno-beats are not seeing a person’s mind, soul, or body as objects. Instead, they are purveyors of a good time, and the contagious rhythms Zanaka contains assures that listeners will wish for Jain’s music to infect them with joy. Moreover, they will admire the young artist’s versatile debut.
Synth-pop, African beats, and a British/French accented rap-flow are not exactly the things you would expect to be associated from a rising female artist. Even writing down the varied genres/ styles of Jain may seem to clash. Yet, in Zanaka, Jain has made sure that all these sporadic elements flow into her genius. Oncoming fans will love to hear her distinctly annotated rhymes come off like the soul to soul conversations friends have over trifling relationships, internal clashes between insecurities and ambitions, and the overall thoughts of a daydreamer.

Jain – Heads Up (audio + paroles)

There is a distinguished difference between daydreaming and dreaming. While, dreams are usually vast, layered visions saved for the night, daydreams are the quick fantasies that silently pass in our day. Jain represents and plays to our daydreams. She is the buzzing ideas and confident, empowered style we all carry when we allow our mind to drift from our work routines. Hence, Zanaka is not just an album for the club, but one for the job, i.e. for those moments when “the boss” is not looking or we need a sudden, adrenaline rush to spark our creativity. Nothing like another’s brilliance, Jain, to inspire our own. Click Here to Buy Zanaka and To Learn More About Jain.