Concert Review : BadBadNotGood Give Highline Ballroom A Sense Of Mystery

You ever go to a concert or play, and say am I the only one “feeling” this or “experiencing” the show in this way. For some reason. seeing BadBadNotGood at Highline Ballroom brought out the mystery of their music and talent. These group of young guys play jazz/soul/rock/funk/ and electro infusions as if they were mixing different paint colors together. As each one blends into the other a new color/ feeling brews within you, of which how it formed so beautifully remains a mystery.

There were many things that I enjoyed about BadBadNotGood in concert. First, again, I love that they are young and yet can play music as if they have grown up with it in eternity. Music has been since forever, and these four guys make sure their audience feels and witnesses the timelessness of music. Of course, they borrow from various era’s like the 70’s, 80’s, and 2000’s, but they do so in a way that makes every acquired sound feel new. Their last album IV was exceptional and had a mystery sense to its that played well in the grandiose lounge of Highline Ballroom and gave the night a curious feel. IV was definitely one of the best albums of 2016 and had a unique mashing of up and down tempos that made your body want to “get down” while your heart feeling up. That “curious” feeling made the world seem like a secret to investigate, and fun was a lock that only you knew the key. The result was magnetic and distinct to BadBadNotGood, which brings me to my next appreciation of their concert: they are unique.
Lavender (Feat. KAYTRANADA) (Official Video)

Lavender (feat.Kaytranada)

Having a sound that is only theirs will definitely help BadBadNotGood have a concert that is distinguishable to their essence. Yet, what I loved most was the distance between BadBadNotGood, the band, and their music. It could be because they are young, vibrant, yet timeless, seasoned musicians, or the way in which they carry themselves, but watching them on stage felt like I was watching men make music rather than being the music, which I oddly enjoyed. Although it is wonderful to see an artist embody their music as if their songs were being plucked from within them, when you see BadBadNotGood, you feel as if you are watching your best friends display their talent, which leaves a distinct impression. You appreciate their artistry with a maturity that is not about “fan-girling” all over them: the band. Instead, it is about witnessing a cool jam session before your eyes, getting lost in their music, and admiring their ability to take your spirit adrift with a gentle grace.

The way each song flowed into each other’s exhilaration was amazing. No matter what order, BadBadNotGood managed to give a show that felt like you were being surrounded by a whirlwind of music in the form of colorful leaves. As they tossed around you, you wished you could capture these musically noted leaves, but knew there is no point in trying to control something meant to be fluid. Just let their sounds take their course. For More Information On BadBadNotGood Click Here.