Artists of 2017: Punctual Will Make You Want To Dance Till Late With “Eva”

Punctual are songwriter / producer / DJ duo Will Lansley and John Morgan, based out of Bristol. Citing Floating Points, Todd Terje, Robert Glasper and Lone & Max Graef as influences, the duo have made it clear they wish to create high caliber, textured music. Although currently blossoming in the local music scene of Bristol, playing DJ sets to “road-test” their originals, the duo have drawn inspiration from every genre. garage to classical, and every country U.S. to India. There are no borders and boundaries to music, which means the same for Punctual. 

When you are an artist of sound you have to be as vast as music, itself, which explains why Eva’s feels so wide in sonic scope. Yes, it is an electro-dance track, but it still feels too nuanced for such a “toss-able” description. The song creeps into the your minds like a woman, “Eva”, walking in through a slight agape door in your heart. As she enters all the colors of her personality, all the notes of her mind, and every musical rhythm she has moved enters with her. Thus, as “Eva” enters your conscious, so does the spirit of her song. which is like a cold, rhythmic drink: refreshing and tasty. You want to absorb this song like the sun or a glass of water, hoping that if you take it in enough, it becomes a part of you. The tempo, though quick, is still smooth enough to allow a charmed entrance into your sensibility. 
Musically, I am looking forward to 2017. If it brings artists like Punctual to the music-sphere then it looks to be a great year. Moreover, House music is not the easiest to revamp and refresh, but “Eva” and Punctual’s previous track “Fix” gives promise that this band will set their own path in the global genre. For More Information On Punctual Click Here.