Artists of 2017: Fenech Soler Return As A Brother Duo

Following the amicable departure of Andrew Lindsay and Daniel Soler, Fenech-Soler is now a duo comprising brothers Ben and Ross Duffy. It can seem scary having a successful band undergo such an alteration in the loss of bandmates and thus sound. Yet, having to revamp and refine their new foundation has left Fenech-Soler sounding brighter, bolder and more eclectic than ever. 

Their 2016 EP Kaleidoscope is excellent and begins with a buoyant ode to the pure joy of love, “Kaleidoscope” that is followed by the atmospheric soul shimmer of “Night Time TV”, the uplifting synth banger “On Top” , and the happy-sad swirling pop track of “HaHa.”  The entire record is vibrant and comes off like a musical task to discover positivism, despite the boredom and brutishness that can cross your life’s path. Their more optimistic electro-pop makes you dance and feel-good, in ways, that are different from Fenech-Soler’s, older sounds, which is a blessing. If you are trying to reinvent from loss, the best way is to approach yourself and music with a perspective of winning. Kaleidoscope feels like a giant win for Fenech-Soler, and, I believe, it is because it is self- produced.


// previous releases have seen them collaborate with the likes of Galantis, Starsmith and Tim Goldsworthy, Kaleidoscope EP is confidently self-produced. Although each of these names are exceptional, sometimes, when you want to find what is great about yourself, you have to do alone. Joining with other great names can be helpful, but some of the greatest journeys have been alone and personal. In some way, this intimacy is what makes Kaleidoscope feel like a subtle ball of energy that is absorbed by and built within listeners’ hearts. You can hear Fenech-Soler’s desire to show how fresh they feel and sound through their new experimental- pop chords and sophisticated harmonies. Now, more than ever, they feel like they can be played to soundtrack your nightlife or your lively dreams because that is their newfound aim. When your journey changes, celebrate the chance to be new rather than cower at the loss of old. Kaleidoscope EP and the new Fenech-Soler are representative of that, which makes me excited for their 2017. Click Here To Learn More About Fenech-Soler.