Artists Of 2017: Savoy Motel Makes A Rock Residence In Your Mind

Some artists are pretty clear with their musical intentions, which I appreciate. Of course, each artist wants you to discover them and build your own dream to their music. Savoy Motel is a cross between both types of artists. They want to make you dreamers and wonderers of life, but what you wonder is up to you.
Here is an important clip from Savoy Motel’s bio: “Welcome to Savoy Motel, an out-of-the-way dark spot where there’s never any vacancy, because everyone at Savoy Motel are residents…residents of a glowing world encapsulated in its own entranced yet detached style. Savoy Motel is not only a location, it’s a state of mind”. This summation is the perfect equivalent for their 2016 record Sorry People. This indie rock, psychedelia infused album uses the electric guitar, by Dillon Watson, like a vortex of strings; catch a string and you catch a different world. Yet, the best thing about this world is that it makes you want to dance.

Groove will never die, at least, not for me and Savoy Motel. The harmonies between Mimi Galbierz, Jessica Macfarland, and Jeffrey Novak cannot be describe with any word but “cool”. Cool in sound, delivery, and effect. Yet, I am not just say cooling in terms of attractiveness but also the essence of the smooth, crisp style that wind would grace your face. When the three vocalists get together to sing over a mind-bending guitar arrangement, you feel like you have entered a lounge laced in head to toe velvet. A crystal chandelier hangs above you as champagne is poured to assure no glass is empty. The image is not simply about luxury but also consistency, which is something Savoy Motel serves in 8 “can’t-fail” tracks. 

“Souvenir Shop Rock” feels like its name. You have entered the world of Savoy Motel, and you can pick out whatever you like. You have my favorite ” Western Version Boogie”, which makes me dance like I never had a body: only a floating spirit that lives in music. Then, you have “Sorry People” which sounds like its sonics came from an arcade game, which is fitting because apologies, from giving to receiving, can feel like a game of wordplay. In addition, “Mindless Blues’s” instrumentals are too seductive. Honestly, no one should make a song so likable because then I cannot ever stop listening, and I have work! Add, again, the vocals  Mimi, Jessica, and Jeffrey, who have straight voices that elevate the jumpiness of their arrangements. They let the music go mad while they stay “cool” as your singing guides to, again, their musical vortex. 

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Savoy Motel knows how to build a sound that is grounded while also escalating. It is as if they turn their listeners into human trees: finding a foundation in the earth of their voices while reaching the sky in the crown of guitar, drum, and bass arrangements. Hence, 2017 has to be their year of phenomenal concerts because 2016 was their year of a fantastic record. For More Information On Savoy Motel Click Here. 
Tour Dates:
1/26 THU Chicago IL @ The Empty Bottle
1/28 SAT Minneapolis MN @ First Ave
1/31 TUE Seattle WA @ Barboza
2/1 WED Vancouver BC @ The Cobalt
2/2 THU Portland OR @ Doug Fir
2/4 SAT San Francisco CA @ Brick and Mortar
2/5 SUN Santa Cruz CA @ The Catalyst Atrium
2/6 MON Santa Ana CA @ Constellation Room
2/9 THU San Diego CA @ Casbah
2/10 FRI Phoenix AZ @ Valley Bar
2/11 SAT El Paso TX @ Lowbow Palace
2/14 TUE Austin TX @ Stubb’s Jr
2/15 WED Houston TX @ Raven Tower
2/17 FRI Birmingham AL @ Saturn
2/18 SAT Atlanta GA @ Aisle 5
2/21 TUE New York NY @ Bowery Ballroom