Artist Close-Up: Dua Lipa Is A Future Pop Star

Many will judge mainstream music as soulless. Yet,”mainstream” music does have its aim. In its effects to bring mass appeal, it also brings mass connection. Who cannot recall every lyric of a Britney Spears track or One Direction hit. Moreover, who does not smile at a memory of singing their songs with a group of friends. Dua Lipa offers that simple joy of a simple song. She is the next artist of which you will sing as you ride with friends. 
As synthetic pop grows in its dominance of air-waves, which makes Dua Lipa bound for her own domination. There is no denying the amount of production and backing that follows her. The electric rhythms are high-quality and burgeoning with sultry vibrations. This Warner Bros. recording artist, is definitely being prepped to be a major star, even playing Lollapalooza. Her fluid, aerial presence makes her seem like she is floating between videos about rebel youth and stage performances of blissful angst. Moreover, her songs treat bodily confidence like candy: consumable and sweet. Yet, her voice is like a cherry lollipop: a handful of colorful sugar. 
Last Dance
What makes Dua Lipa standout from the pop mainstream is that she has incredible vocals. Her voice seems to start from her soul to rise into her vocal chords. There is a natural depth to her notes that give it a plush velveteen feel, which mixes beautifully with her synthetic pop beats. It allows her tracks to go from another radio song to something special and with its own edge. In a world that can feel generic and unsurprising in its musical manufacturings, it is nice to hear a songstress that brings newness through her sheer talent. Due Lipa can sing! Hence, I am excited for her August 3 performance in Mercury Lounge. I imagine she will be excellent both vocally and acoustically, as her voice definitely can turn out a “me and my guitar” moment. 
New Love
I like Dua Lipa, and I love the heavy bassline that can run through her tracks and into your body. She is about dancing and relishing in sentiments of liberated youth and pure vivaciousness. The London born songstress began her career at a young age by posting covers of Christina Aguilera, because, again, Due Lipa can SING! Born of Albanian descent, her father was also a musician, which means music runs in her blood. Yet, her spiritual connection to music can be seen through her determined personality and ultimate desire to make the innocently- coated nature of pop have some real twists. She wants to always have heart and show the emotional lightness and darkness of being young in this world. 
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