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Artist Close-Up: Brandyn Burnette Is A Future Soul Star

I remember listening to Sam Smith for the first time a few years ago and feeling that, no matter what anybody said, he was going to be a star. That year he won a Grammy. I do not say that story to prove I am psychic. but to show that some people emanate star quality. From their voice to their style, you feel like they are going to reach a height that is beyond the yay’s and nay’s they receive. Like Sam Smith, Adele, Rihanna, and Drake, certain superstars do not need public opinion to still have public power. When I hear Brandyn Burnette’s manifest I knew I was listening to someone that could have great power over his public.

When you hear “Manifest”, you get an immediate…. Yes! You know you are listening to something as rich as sweet chocolate or a pink diamond ring. Burnette’s voice is pure luxury and falls upon your ears like flakes of gold. He sings music like a man confident in his “game”, which makes him dangerous. He knows what to do to seduce, and in “Manifest” seduction is bursting with passion. Yet, this burst is gentle in how it comes up to the seams of your spirit, in part, because Burnette considers himself Progressive Soul, which means he adds soft, electro synths that rhythmically hand over his R&B/ Soul vocals over to the digital age. I note Burnette’s vocals and power to attract listeners because, lyrically, he is pensive and philosophically provocative. He the true gift to make you absorb his social/human commentary with ease.

Burnette writes music that is about giving yourself “reality checks”. A refreshing perspective for an industry that, often, has artists giving others’ reality check with hand one to themselves.  From how you work with love to how you work with money, in “Manifest” he wants people to acknowledge how they are handling their life in hopes of inspiring them to hold it together even better. This is both a noble and deep cause that Burnette fulfills through rhythms that, again, tussle in the balanced line of electro beats and spiritual melodies, i.e. Progressive Soul. Leave it to Burnette to make songs that know how to capture enough attention to then give a moral lesson. He has written songs for MKTO and Jake Miller that have reached up to 10 million streams on Spotify. Yet like the many great before him, after awhile, you want to give your work to yourself. For More Information On Brandyn Burnette Click Here.