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Album Review: Black Lacquer Brings Out The Sugar Glam Of Life

What happens when psychedelia and electronica meet? You get the classic songs of Moby like, “Go” and “Natural Blues”. Yet, what happens when Moby enlists Fool’s Gold Records to assemble its key artists,Treasure Fingers, Madeaux, High Klassified, and FG co-founder Nick Catchdubs, to put their own spin on his hits? You get Black Lacquer, which will be released this Friday through Fool’s Gold Records. I just want to inform you of this because if you see neon strobes discoing through the sky and people voguing their way from work, it will be because they heard this album. I love when artists go straight and unabashedly for the “Sugar Glam” of life. 
Sugar Glam, for my readers who are not avid hawks of developing urban lingo, is a term for music that is enjoyed by femme boys and girls that relish sweet, starry sonics. I am talking the ladies that like brightly-colored heels, gold and glitter dresses, and intergalactic-themed nightclubs. Yes, I know that is specific terminology, but the Black Lacquer is a specific album. It is aimed to bust your mind, moves, and the amount of money you will spend trying to keep hydrated from all that busting in the club. Hence, why I appreciate this four track EP so much. While many artists try to blend and detail the makeup of their music like they are proper cosmetologists, this album might as well be a color-revolution. It is not subtle or aiming to be anything but loud, shiny, and everywhere in rhythm. To buy Black Lacquer is to basically put  a confetti cannon into your iPod.

Black Lacquer begins with the “Go (Treasure Fingers Remix)”. This track sounds like you jumped into an arcade game where you have to grab stars to gain life-points while avoiding lasers. It stirs a movement in listeners that is fierce and forward, in part, because it sounds like a space odyssey/ fantasy. Following “Go” is “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Madeaux Remix)”, which sounds like Skrillex’s musical dream. Its bass is bumping, and it makes you want to kick-box your way through the VIP lounge. Its trap-style makes its feel more mischievously unharnessed than the first song “GO”, which has a rainbow-like finesse to it. Yet, this makes sense as the song is based in the repetition of pain and a literal, lyrical questioning of “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?”. After this comes “Natural Blues (High Klassified Remix)”, which is one of my favorite Moby songs for its sampling of Vera Hall’s “Trouble So Hard”.  This song is effortless in how it moves you the dance-floor, and sparks a sensual curiosity of both yourself and your dance-partner. Its rhythms feel investigative and infectious, which leads to the final track by FG co-founder Nick Catchdubs: “Porcelain (Nick Catchdubs Kaleidoscopic Mind Mix)”. This song was my favorite because of its sheer but juicy blend of Hip Hop beats with electronic synths. If High Klassified’s song makes you move to the dance-floor, this one makes you stay in it.

Overall, Black Lacquer is for listeners that want to dance. I am not talking a light sway or a gentle “toe-tap”.  I am talking about the people that go to the club to spend the whole night dancing under the disco-ball and feel mortified at the thought of sitting in a corner with all the coats. It is an album for the people that have fun, and do not stay watching it. To Buy Black Lacquer On February 10 Click Here.