EVENT REVIEW: Neon Gold Presents An Amazing POPSHOP of Music

Neon Gold Records has been styling night life with POPSHOP. This event has happened across the country like, LA , Seattle, and NYC to display some of the best rising artists. These musicians are more than cool, they are extremely talented, fun, and distinct in how they display such attributes. I say this because I have been to a few Popshops from Neon Gold, and they are well-worth the ticket for a night discover your future favorite artists. Last night, those artists included Courtship, Urban Cone, and Yoke Lore. 
Courtship, definitely, had to have been the funnest act of the night. They were vibrant in their California vibes and good humor.  Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon are a hilarious duo, playing off with  ying and yang personas. Eli uses his quick wit to start banter with Micah and the audience. Having such great personalities added to their beach-ready rhythms. Courtship makes psychedelic pop that is easy to dance to, while also being lyrically devious. From cheating on your girlfriend to getting beyond wasted, they, somehow, make the wrongest things sound right through lively instrumentals and the cool melodies/harmonies that stir from Eli and Michael. In addition, last night was their FIRST SHOW EVER! I could not believe it because they played as if they were veterans of the music scene. Anyone can have talent, but charm is gift and professionalism is a duty. These guys have talent, charisma, and a level of stage presence that shows they will go really far.  Radio get ready for a new Courtship. 

Urban Cone
Urban Cone brought the classic rock n’ roll vibe. Although this Swedish band is more a blend of indie rock with splashes of pop, they give off the classic rock n’ roll aura of bands like, The Rolling Stones, who would stroll onto the stage as if it was their home. They are free in how they approach their instruments like tools to party. As they sway their heads according to their guitar melodies and rasp their vocals elaborating their emotional desires, Urban Cone inspired audiences to live life to fullest or, at least, live your life to the wildest. Moreover, “hairography” goes a long way. Seeing men with long hair tossing around just reminds you of the “Woodstock” days where a long mane was a sign of rebellion. 
Old School

Urban Cone – Old School (Lyric Video)

Yoke Lore has to be one of the most thoughtful artists around. His music is catchy, but, more importantly, it is dreamy. His synths are made to romanticize life, which intoxicates listeners as he swindles around the stage with his guitar. It is as if his guitar is his sensual dance partner. You watch as they float around center stage trying to assure that each of their moves display both elegance and emotions in melody. In addition, his voice had a wavy, sentimental resonance to 80’s love song icons like Phil Collins and Sting, but felt contemporary and vast in its matching of vocals to rhythmic synths. Yoke Lore managed to show that love, even when it is a nightmare, is something worth envisioning. Moreover, I enjoy humble artists as much as ones laced with bravado. 
What was most intriguing about Popshop was that each artists’ personality and style were distinguished from each other despite, sharing similar pop-rock influences. I say this because Yoke Lore was the last artist of the night, which was perfect. His style encompassed the sun-baked freshness of Courtship and the cool, blazed aura of Urban Cone. He was like a sweet cherry on top of an ice-cream night that tasted light and crisp upon musical tongues. 
Hold Me Down

Yoke Lore – Hold Me Down (Official Video)//

Honestly, I would highly recommend these Popshops, of which you can find future ones near your city HERE. They are brilliantly planned to match artists that set standard but particular vibes for the night, while also being able to stand out from each other. Last night’s Popshop felt like psychedelic rock met pop music on a sunny day, and decided to burn brightly until they exploded in music or warmed in love. In addition, you are meeting the artists that, in a few years, will dominate your playlists, radios, and tv screens. It is like seeing Coldplay when they were playing local pubs. Thus, enjoy the future of music in Courtship, Urban Cone, and Yoke Lore.