Concert Review: Sheare Is Ready For Pop Mainstream At Rockwood Music Hall

Sheare is ready for Pop Music mainstream, and after witnessing his performance at Rockwood Music Hall, I walked out feeling like the world is his oyster. This may seem like an odd review because as I watched Sheare play his set like, the”made to be a hit” Restless, I thought he was a beacon of possibilities. For me, Sheare shows that a never ending tapestry of potential does not mean you have not found your voice as an artist; it means that your artistry will forever grow. It is this “rare gift” that will brighten his future for the “long-haul”.
From his bouncing-pop raver “Revolution” to his moodily-upbeat track “I Can’t Sleep Right Now”, Sheare has several songs on his repertoire that, literally, could be on any television show or commercial. When he plays his songs, you can envision Mindy from the Mindy Project contemplating her love life or some CW show where Millennials wonder whether love is dead. This may seem “kitschy” to some readers and to those that claim pop has no soul, but pop music is aimed to make the uglier sentiments of life more edible like, bubblegum: you can happily chew on your feelings without having to swallow them. Thus, I love that Sheare is blatantly and perfectly for mainstream pop, which made his set both delicious and dreamy. Yet, on to my previous note of him being an artist filled with potential and possibility. 
There is a “chameleon” type vibe from Sheare that viewers will definitely pick up at his concert. This makes sense as Sheare has noted his quest to find his “pop-sound”. Yet. seeing him live, made me understand his quest more, he is a singer that could do everything pop has to offer from commercial to indie. He has so much capacity and creativity for this genre that he becomes an emblem for its candied tunes. He can transform any song or scenario into the musical bop of catharsis that had made pop-music have so much prosperity/longevity. From wanting a partner to Netflix with or wishing that being young did not feel so old, Sheare can make a catchy tune to any blasé sentiment. What is more pop than That!

I am really pulling for Sheare because he is an artist worthy of investment. It is not everyday that you go to see someone play live, and find, not only their talent, but their imagination is on display. He wears his love of music & creativity on his sleeve. Add on his friendly wit, which is open to banter with the audience, and Sheare proves pop music may paint pretty images, but it can carry a deeper heart.  For More Information on Sheare Click Here.