Concert Review: Blue Healer Feels Like Band of Your Brothers At Rockwood Music Hall

Blue Healer are gaining a quick following for their ability to mix synthetic pop’s 
glimmering riffs with indie rock’s grittier basslines.  The combination makes listeners feels as if they are being spliced in half by music, and they do not know whether to go to its sweeter or sourer side. The torn dynamics of their sound unify intriguingly, in concert, by creating a musical effect that is pleasingly distinct and dreamy.

Synth-pop and indie-rock may not be, often, combined, but the brilliance of Blue Healer is that they saw the genres clear, unifying interconnection: they both added a euphoric edge to their founding genres. Indie rock and synth-pop are more abstract, virtual, and lightening than their initial bases, which are terms that can be said about Blue Healer’s music. Yet, when you hear them live the beauty and love that goes into their compositions seems more blatant. Not many artists exude the amount of details that go into a song without coming off forced or exerted. Yet, Blue Healer seem effortless on stage which elevates the pastel sounds and music greenery their songs have as if they are live, oil paintings.

Hearing Blue Healer’s songs in concert doubles the images of nature their music can induce. As mentioned, indie-rock and synth-pop are known for their chords of virtual reality, but when you see David Beck and Bryan Mammal play the their chords like painters swishing a brush, and Dees Stribling strike the drums with a balance of gentility and force, their instrumentals turn from the synthetic to real. Moreover, Beck has a voice that sounds feels like it can be your musical heart monitor in that it perfectly blends with the synthetic keys of pop, but also grounds with the real heart of Blue Healer’s’ rock inspired instrumentals and raw lyrics. Thus, their concert results in the audiences witnessing the artfulness of their words and feeling more personally taken by their s sound, which is exactly what any artist would want for their concert’s effects. This is not say that Bluer Healer’s recorded, self-titled debut album, is less beautiful, but their record brings out the retro fun the band is known for and desires, while their concert brings out the blissful poesy that goes behind their overall uplifting vibes. Still, the biggest key to their concert and future industry success is that they come off like a band of Your brothers. The key word being YOUR.

From the warmth of their music to the approachability of their presence. Blue Healer appeared to the audience like they were their family. There is a simplicity to their style and sound that allows Blue Healer to fill the atmosphere with that “sibling ease”.Yes, I know, that your brothers can annoy you, but there is a cool, openness they offer to you when they enter the room, and it is that particular vibe that Blue Healer radiates off the stage in both image and the kind, maturity of their music. Again, I know that there are readers, whom are saying, “Um, kind and mature are not words for my brothers”. Yet, maybe that is reading enough for you to see their future concerts, they can be the kind, mature, and musical brothers you need.  For More Information on Blue Healer Click Here.