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Artist Close Up: El Mar’s “Just My Body” Is A Song For Women’s Health Rights

“Just My Body”  is a powerful ballad with a socially conscious message by Brooklyn songstress El Mar. For those that do not know El Mar is spanish for ocean, and that is exactly what the singer serves in this track: an ocean of love, respect, and compassion for women’s bodies. She explains,
 “‘Just My Body’ is a song that’s very special to me”It’s for and about women, and the difficult choices they sometimes have to make. Those decisions are tough, and incredibly personal, and women should have the right to do what is best for themselves and their bodies.”

The song is like an indie-rock ballad that echoes a 90’s Alanis Morissette vibe. It is a call for women to stand firm and compassionately on the side of their body and thus health. while men should respect that women should have more, if not, the only say over their physical vessel, i.e. the body. El Mar’s voice is a strong beacon of enlightenment throughout the track with a vocal force that pummels through any body shaming/ prejudice a woman endures. After all, every body carries a spirit and, for El Mar, “Just My Body” is a musical love letter/ union with every woman whom feels emotionally battered by the lack of say and action she has over what occurs to her physically.

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