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Artist Close Up: Astronomyy Is The King Of “Electro Chill”

Astronomyy ‘s continuing rise to fame is one that I love because it purely came from love. His newest single “Don’t Need U” is a rework of the original multi million streaming SoundCloud and HypeM hit which helped to cement Astronomyy’s  sound and career.  The original, shorter track won him a following and the praise of you, the reader, or rather people that make a musician become a star. Hence, my love for “Don’t Need U” as an amazing song also comes from it symbolic story: the fan is the most important aspect to an artist’s career. 

According to Astronomyy, “Don’t Need U is the song I wrote that inspired the birth of Astronomyy. it combines a love of old school hip hop beats and weird guitars. I wanted it to sound futuristic but with clear throw-back influences”. I can attest that he has achieved his goal. From its first 10 seconds, you understand why this one song changed  his life and became the launching pad for his new identity: Astronomyy. It is, sonically, the friendly stoke of genius that could make someone see visions of what they want for their future. Now coming in at 5 minutes and 45 seconds, the song feels more expansive in its synths like a giant pool of which Astronomyy swims and splashes subtle Hip Hop bass-waves. The result is a dreamy track that sets Astronomyy as headliner of “electro-chill”.

Electro-chill is music that finds balance in activating a rush of fantasies in your mind while relaxing your body and spirit into sweet sways. It is a style that is usually associated with wavy music, electro-pop, and, basically, genres that use synths like a cooling undercurrent for their heavier/ quicker rhythms. I am convinced that Astronomyy will be a King of Electro-Chill, especially since he is already receiving praise in the industry for his music pioneering skills. After all, he is coming up because he is liked. While most artists are introduced by their labels to the world, it is the world that is introducing him to labels to which his response is, “I Don’t Need U”. For More Information On Astronomyy Click Here