Song Review: Snow Culture Brings Swedish dark-techno To The US In “No Sleep”

Whether it likes it or not, humanity is animalistic in nature. Snow Culture have released their new track “No Sleep” in time for the blizzard and in revelation of humanity’s carnal attributes. With a video that seems filmed by a beat cop on duty; images of wasted youth and winding roads symbolize not just the lostness people can feel about their life’s “aim” but also the pleasure of being lost.

It is a weird notion to say that “giving up” has a sense of freedom. We are so taught that if you try, eventually “you get”, which makes  the idea of “giving up” seem, rightfully, horrendous. Yet, “No Sleep” paints a picture of the rare moments where we let our humanity go over the edge, and discover whether it flies or crashes. For Snow Culture, it is not about “giving up” but giving in to who you are even if it breaks social molds. The pacing of the video  is chaotic, sporadic, and completely random, which is exactly what said moments feel like when you stop fighting and start releasing your inner self. The rush can be exhilarating. Thus, enter the vocals of A and harmonies of O, which are the pseudonyms of Snow Culture’s members, to make you feel that subtle adrenaline build and pulse through you. A’s simmered voice sounds like smoke: effervescent in how it spread into your airwaves. Such vocals are perfect for Snow Culures’ mindset of being the music born in and for the social outcast.

In some ways, enjoying how “lost” you are comes with being alienated. It is not that you are, literally, lost in purpose. It is that how you define your self and personal meaning is deemed “lost” by a society that misunderstands those different by design or choice. Yet, in a world that convinces itself that there is such a thing as normal, “No Sleep” shows that even if it existed, it would not be as fun. The dark techno rhythms that course this track will turn any club into a place of curious wonder. For More Information On Snow Culture Click Here.