Song Review: Syd Arthur Show There “No Peace” Without Inner Peace

British psych-rock band Syd Arthur released a video for their new single “No Peace” from their new album Apricity. I marvel  at this video and song because the music world is integral and interconnected to our daily lives. It reflects humanity, and, currently, I have seen more and more songs being either about humanity’s need for love and unity or curious questioning of it. “No Peace” is another song/ step in this world’s constant challenge to figure out how it can be better,  to which Syd Arthur recommends disconnecting. 

Singer-guitarist Liam Magill says, “‘No Peace’ is about information overload. We set out to write an inviting song with a message we can all relate to, a reminder to put down that screen down once in a while and experience something more real.  The video’s color palette is orange and grey reflecting the album artwork. The imagery was inspired by social media and the incessant objects that surround our modern existence.  Visually we wanted it to have a minimalistic and clean look but with added glitch and static to resemble the organized yet chaotic nature of the world.”  You may not be impacted Arthur’s advice, but it is deeply fruitful. How can you stand and defend a world, when you do not have quiet moments to enjoy it. For Syd Arthur, as well as for all, there is a drastic difference in love’s growth and understanding of the world when you are just experience it through your Instagram. Even ending that previous statement with “Instagram” sounds like a downgrade to its beginning, which is exactly the band’s point. 

Beyond having a solid, valuable message, “No Peace” just sounds fun. My readers know I love psychedelia, and Syd Arthur serves up some classic, Woodstock vibes. They understand that the guitar, bass, and drums are doorways into abstract fantasies, which is why their video is laced with metaphors and colorful symbolism. As they make instrumentals to warp your mind with strained and drawn riffs, their message becomes clear and charming: do not just watch the world as it lives on screen, but go out and live it in its reality. With a voice that falls as easily as feather upon your shoulders, you will certainly carry Magill’s words. For More Information On Syd ArthuClick Here.