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Artist Close-Up: The Gold Setting Are Ready To Make Your Playlist Feel Richer

The face and voice of The Gold Setting is Liza Colby. Channeling sensual 1960s soul, 1990s R&B, and Tina Turner-esque swagger, The Gold Setting boasts a fluid cast of all-stars including multi-instrumentalist/composer/arranger Todd Simon, Grammy-nominated Adam Berg, and songwriter Richard Rudolph, whom collectively have worked with Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, 2Pac, Chaka Kahn, En Vogue, etc. Those are lot of Hip Hop and R&B legends to already have associated with your name before your debut. Yet, it is easy to unite forces when it is to back the charming Ms. Colby.

In their new song, “Being Without You” Colby captivates what its like to be bigger than life. Although she is mounting the loss of a lover, her voice cannot help but sound like a huge cluster of stars being exploded upon the horns, drums, and piano of this track. Simon has a legacy of making three minute songs feel like giant sound displays of humanity, which makes his match with Colby perfect. There is a theatricality to her voice that helps you feel her loss, but there is also a charisma to her style that also makes you feel like nothing can hold this woman back. She has a  range that will go farther than any ex-love, and with Rudolph’s songwriting skills, she will have plenty of poetic lyrics to hand them. By making “Being Without You” a modern 1950’s anthem to Motown and pop, you feel like you are stuck in the best time warp. It is as if the past decided the future is where it should be, and became the present in the form of Liza Colby. Thus, Liza Colby is and should be the present of music.

It is not easy to make moving on from a lover sound like the most exciting option you can choose, but The Gold Setting have succeeded. In many ways, moving on from your past can have a delayed excitement. You do not see how worthy your forward steps/ thinking is until you witness results, but “Being Without You” shines like a beacon of sonic hope. After all, you are not the first to move on from a relationship, but The Gold Setting make you feel like your  greatness is the what your ex will be missing. Form More Information On The Gold Setting Click Here.