Song Review: Colony House Bring Out The Lust In Feeling “Lonely”

Nashville-based indie pop/rock band Colony House released a brand new track “Lonely” from their forthcoming second studio album ONLY THE LONELY, set for release on January 13th on Descendant/RCA Records. The track is a major clue that the album will continue to carry Colony House’s acclaimed guitar-driven melodies and pop optimism. Colony House is definitely my choice for good rock and a spiritual “pick me up”.

I am always remarking to you, the reader, my love for sad songs, and my notice of musical themes that live and breathe in the negativity of life. Thus, in some way, Colony House is bound to be like a breath of fresh air because even when they are down like, in “Lonely”, they musically focus on getting back up again. Their lyrical resilience smolders in the psychedelia of this track: showing the odd, lustful sultriness that can remain in a relationship even when you feel alone in it.  

When you love someone and they do not correspond to your love according to your needs, want, or at all, it can be a painful experience. Yet, the odd thing is that even when you feel disconnected from them, you still lust for them. You can still find them the most beautiful, fascinating being to ever reject you, which can be a mind-warp for your sense of being. Lead singer Caleb Chapman has a voice that simmers in the lust and loneliness you can feel when in love. The song’s powerful meaning will catch you off-guard because, in part, it sounds so good. This indie-rock track is the kind you blast on your headphones as you walk through your day to make you feel invincible. 

With a contagious kick-drum, blaring guitar-riff and bass, and a universal theme, Lonely is a musical success.  For More Information On Colony House Click Here.