Concert Review: Jhevere Shows That Good People Make Good Music

Talent, heart, and a beautiful mind are the basic elixir of a “good” artist. Yet, good does not only mean creatively, although Jhevere has creativity pouring out of him like a fountain. A good artist also means one that has personality. Jhevere let his talent shine, but it was his sweetness that brightened the crowd.

With talent everywhere and nearly everyone harboring dreams of singing, every rising artist must think of a way to make him or herself distinct, and, for Jhevere, his uniqueness came in the form of his heart.  In between songs like “Truth or Lies”, “Relief”, and “Work”, a theme was set for Jhevere’s concert; this was going to be a night of ease. As the crowd gathered at BAM Cafe, a peace filled the air because everyone attentively heard the stories behind each of Jhevere’s songs. Every anecdote elaborated the personable charm of Jhevere as a person and thus artist. For him. there is no difference; his heart is his music, and vice versa. This connection is purely based on love, and it makes his concert feel warm and exciting, like you are watching a good person succeed. Moreover, you are watching someone who is extremely talented. 
Like Frank Ocean, Jhevere has the smooth, R&B vocals that will hypnotize listeners, but also shares a belief with the artist that music has no limit. He leaps between genres, vocal styles, and overall eclectic expressions to show that his sound is strictly his. Moreover, it comes from a place of soul, which explains why his music is based on life philosophies: from personal to universal. Having words that blanket people’s spirits with their general consensus on the ups and downs of life is always a musical plus, but to hear Jhevere’s lyrics mold to his folk-funk rhythms was a true luxury. It showed that his poesy is unbound to rhythm despite being founded in it. Add on that his voice has a natural rasp that gives his songs a grated charm, and Jhevere’s songs seem like bottles of magic. 

I really enjoyed Jhevere’s concert and personality. Even his moodiest songs could not inhibit the brightness of his soul, and it made a difference. It is a real gift to stand out as a musician because you stand as a person. Humble, friendly, and brimming with a voice that is smooth like fine leather, Jhevere has a great future ahead of him. I, a karmic believer, truly feel that the good energy you give, will come back to you in droves, and I am positive that his lightened energy will come back with bigger crowds. For More Information On Jhevere Click Here.