Concert Review: Austra Shows Your Presence Is A Statement At Warsaw

There are certain people that can wear who they are with pride. They make their presence a statement that goes beyond their loud fashions, dreamy language, and their overall starry nature. In a world that can label individuality as outlandish, Austra shows being yourself is the most genius thing you can do. Moreover, accepting and loving who you are is the key to accepting and loving who others are, as well. Currently, touring for an album, Future Politics, dedicated to the societal and spiritual power of compassion, Austra’s music and aura became a beacon of dancing, positive vibes. 

Whether she meant it or not, Future Politics has to be one of the most poignant, relevant albums to come out this year, which makes her concert the same. It was as if Asutra’s intuition wrote the record with lyrics that empower people to choose empathy to combat a potential dystopia. Such a message could not be more urgent and present in the minds of a crowd who has experienced one of the craziest political weeks in America history. Although, Austra is known as a fierce performer who dives into her songs and allows them to surround her body and soul like an ocean, it was kismet that made her appear so grand upon the stage. Wearing a long, tangerine-velvet dress, Austra appeared like a futuristic shaman performing song after song that covered audience’s minds like a sacred text. People were both eager to have a fun, but, because of the album’s, feel connected. Austra, as an artist, promotes interconnectedness as central to her music, and tries to show that through her performing style. 
// Love You More Than You Love Yourself

I am convinced that Austra becomes possessed by her music. For each song, she swindles, sways, and sings with a devout particularity that appears supernatural in capacity. Although, Austra live sounds exactly like her recording, I could not help but appreciate her voice more in concert. You realize how high her pitch and the subtle vocal plays she uses to not only nail a note in power but in potency. She wants you to feel, which means each song draws out a new side of Austra both physically and spiritually. Whether she needs to plead for love from the world with a slight yodel in her voice or stand tall and firm like a rebel warrior, these images are fructified by how she uses her presence. It was as if each word she sang, she envisioned, which meant that not only her voice was released upon the audience but also her dreams. You could not help but see her world in your mind as vibrant colors splashed and flashed upon the stage like they were set according to a virtuous, morse code. Austra brilliantly asserted that her show was not only one to relish her talent but revive your mind. Thus, hearing insightful lyrics blend with rhythms that seemed co-composed with electricity, the night glistened with the euphoria it offered.
Austra – Future Politics (Official Video)
I know that I am making this night sound “deep” and “intense” in its mindfulness, but even a good beat can cause you to meditate about your world. Rhythmically, Austra brings hints of 80’s techno with the futuristic synths of electro-pop, which means you WILL dance! Yet, her show is 100% a display of her magic/talent as woman who dominates the stage with her faith and hope for humanity, which she places into song. Such faith and hope, makes her concert feel like a full sensory experience, where you will have multiple things to enjoy. Sometimes, her lyricism will leap into your mind, other times her beats will jump on your feet, but every time her voice will conquer your heart. Thus, what better statement, presence, or voice to have than one of love. For More Information On Austra Click Here. 

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