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Artist Close-Up: Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys

Sam Jordan is one of my favorite rising artists. His last EP, Thoughts of Paradise, was called by Metro the “Quentin Tarantino of movie soundtrack guitars”, which may sound like the most fantastical compliment anyone can receive. The man knows how to arrange a set of strings that make your life feel like a film being watched by God, himself. With his musician collective ‘The Dead Buoys” backing him in musical prowess, Jordan focuses on his folk-inspired songwriting to give purpose to his cinematic guitar melodies. 

Do not underestimate the power of a good word in elevating a great melody. Sam Jordan understands that a wise, honest lyric can go farther than sweet sounds in a person’s mind because its worth will trickle down to audience’s heart. Authenticity is so important to and for a song-writer as the genuineness of words can be as memorable as their simple catchiness. In his newest song, “Favourite Messenger”, Jordan confronts himself as a person. We all have had that moment where we, literally, look at ourselves in the mirror and ask, “What are you doing?”. It is serious question that can have multiple rough answers. What are we doing to ourselves, our loved ones, and our life that is making it  all feel like either the greatest rollercoaster ride ever or one that we wish we had never gone on?  Such deep, intense songs need an inviting voice that will open listeners to pay attention and recall their own self-reflections/ confrontations. Luckily, Sam Jordan has such a voice.

He has been compared to Leonard Cohen and Sam Smith, which is why I say he is a blend of both. He can give you that higher-pitched soulfulness that sky-rocketed Smith’s voice to international fame, but also give you the winding, vocal pensiveness that made Cohen a legend. Jordan sings his lyrics like he is thinking them in the moment, which is why his songs appear so thoughtful; they are eternally present. You feel as if he decided to record himself singing a genuine moment of wonder/ pain. Hence, the video of “Favourite Messenger” appearing like a surrealist Lynchian film with neon-hued shots. Personally, Sam Jordan is not only an artist to watch for talent, but one to make you pay attention for his lyrical value. For More Information On Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys Click Here.