Concert Review: Nothing But Thieves Remind People Why They Love Music At Irving Plaza

Can you fall in love with a man’s voice? I think you can or, at least, I did as I heard Conor, from Nothing But Thieves, cast a vocal spell over everyone at Irving Plaza. Between impressive and inspiring, Conor’s voice shows that good talent can transcend the genres and tastes we confine our musical likings in.

Nothing But Thieves is uninhibitedly rock. There is no hiding it or genre- bending here. They are rock n’ roll at its purest form, which I loved. There was definitely head-banging and face-squinting as guitar riffs soared through the atmosphere like lasers. Moreover, each band member, Conor, Joe, Dom, Price, and Phil shake across the stage like their own music causes earthquakes in their soul. Each band member shared moments where they played their guitars and drums at each other like they were battling the other in one-up musicianship and connection.  Clearly, these 5 men have a brotherhood between each other, and their sixth member: rock music. Yet, not everybody is a fan of rock n’roll, yet they could be a fan of Nothing But Thieves thanks to their winning ingredient: lead singer Conor’s voice.

Let me being my gush session! Conor has a voice that makes you wish you were Ursula from the Little Mermaid, and you can make him sign it over. It is effortless in its high and low notes, to which you wonder whether a voice can take swimming lessons with how well he strokes through vocal range. As coos through his tracks like a mystic chanting and jumps through octaves like an Olympian competing for gold, it was hard not slip on the amount of jaws that dropped from their awe at his talent. Thus, words and parables fail to encompass how good this young man sings, and he knows it, which his why he goes above and beyond to make each song feel like a display case for his talent. You may think that singing your own songs is displaying your talent, but that is not necessarily true.

Many artists just sing their songs, and do not take the extra step to personally stylize their tracks with their soul’s essence. They do not always have a full mental or spiritual realization that each song you sing is a showcase for what you uniquely do to and for music. Nothing But Thieves becomes a distinct and distinguished rock band because there is no confusing their essence or Conor’s voice with anything currently on the radio. They have fully realized that, if they are going to rise in the ranks of music mainstream, they have to show every bit of what makes their talent and heart necessary to music’s livelihood.
While many will say, “Music is dead!” or “Rock N’ Roll is dead!”, they are just not looking properly because on October 19 at Iriving Plaza music was alive and well. Nothing But Theives showed vieers why music has been tethered to humanity’s spiritual history and growth. There is nothing like a good song to take away any doubt that you can still feel alive. Nothing But Thieves have plenty of songs from their self-titled album to remind every viewer, whether the love rock or not, why they love music! For More Information On Nothing But Thieves Click Here.