Concert Review: Post Malone Gets “Stoney” At Irving Plaza

I recently reviewed Stoney as one of the best debut of the year. The album does well to show the multi-layers of Post Malone’s talent and expand that there is more to him than meets the eye. Malone is an artist that has been burgeoning his career for his combination of personal pain and carefree attitude. Something he brought to Irving Plaza, which helped build his concert as a sporadic, spontaneous rollercoaster of energy.

First, you do not go to a Post Malone concert without knowing that the crowd is ready to get LIT. Everyone was hyped and ready to go! From dancing, sing-alongs, and a growing buzz from the drinks, the night was set-up as one where you either rolled with the party or you left, which I appreciated. Having such a powerful, uninhibited energy from before you even enter the stage, only empowers the artist and the audience’s appreciation of their work. Moreover, there was not time for any “no-moods”. People were ready to experience the character that is Post Malone: a one of a kind personality to a music game that can, at times, feel dry in that area.  Thus, Malone was entering with a given opportunity to impress and he truly did.

Too Young

// had seen Post Malone at Meadows Festival, and was happy to see that in a few shorts months he has grown as a performer. Maybe it was the fact that he was a headliner, but he truly owned the stage and rang throughout the night his gratitude for the crowd, his music, and the overall chance life was giving him. This, of course, was compared to anecdotes on the personal losses and rough-patches his life has suffered and sheer encouragements of the crowd to get high with him. Whether it was high on life or weed, you decide, but I have to admit Post Malone’s persona as a man lit on stage by pain and Mary-Jane enthralled viewers and made him appear like a modern cowboy: riding on a “high” horse to compare wounds.

White Iverson

It is  Post Malone’s aura of “non-judgement” that charms fans, especially because he gives the feeling of a man that has seen and done all. While playing track after track from Stoney, he began to reveal the nuances of his character. While he may seem as your “high buddy”, one to hang with, smoke, and listen to music, he does also seem like your firm friend: one to back you up when the times get serious. It is this element that gives his concert a solid foundation of which you can dance, pop it, drop it, and act like no one cares because, in part, they do not. Post Malone’s concert is, basically, the Planet Fitness of concerts; you will work that body and no one will judge you, especially Malone. Form More Information On Post Malone Click Here.