Concert Review: Chet Porter Is Ready For The Festival Circuit At Irving Plaza

Chet Porter is currently on tour with Coucheron and Lemaitre. The DJ has become synonymous with the word “wavy” by serving beats that both bounce, crash. and flow like the ocean of your soul. To say that you can happily drown in his mixes is understatement as they are both beautiful and boisterous. Thus, at Irving Plaza, on November 3, he brought the right mix of stunning and striking that you would find at a music festival. 

It is always strange to see an artist of one element be brought into another. From his sounds to his style, Porter serves the very idea of a music festival, which is masses of people high on life and willing to offer themselves to whatever music you serve. His “wavy” rhythms are transportive to other aspects of our mind that we, usually, do not touch in our day to day like, our childlike imagination or our euphoria. You would think that such a potent sentiment would be difficult to summon in a smaller space like, Irving Plaza, compared to a vast, green field, yet when you bring the energy of a location, the crowd will follow you there spiritually even if they are not there physically. Thus, by approaching the mix-table with a “music festival” force, Chet transported one hour in Irving Plaza to one hour in Coachella. 
Despite a few lighting and audio issues, Porter was unfazed by any happenings that were not in the sounds he pulsed from his mix-table. The cool-headed DJ has a very insular style. As he pounces on mix-drums, you can see that his bond with music is personal and strong. He sees the art of sound like a vein of which he, The Doctor, must draw out its rhythm. He spends his whole set focused on assuring that each note he musters matches the one in his mind. which is fascinating to watch. He is not the kind of DJ that yells 20 times in a mic to “Dance!”. Instead he sticks to his mixes approaching them with a balance of depth and effortlessness, which are two energies that most people think clash, but Porter shows that the deeper you feel about something the simpler it comes to you. As lights strobed across the moving audience, Irving Plaza felt bigger than the moment it was in. I know that is a strange notion. but the point of music it so transport you and Chet Porter does.

If you are thinking of seeing Chet Porter on tour, DON”T THINK, JUST DO! He is one of the few acts that show that it is not just certain artists that should be seen live, but certain musics that should be heard live. Yes, you can put his songs on your iPod, which can turn anywhere into nightlife in a picturesque beach, but when you see Porter and hear his tracks live, the amount of power and potency of his music is felt more. For More Information on Chet Porter Click Here