Album Review: Madeira’s Bad Humors EP Leaves You In Anything BUT A Bad Mood

Madeira’s Bad Humors EP comes out this Friday, and I have to say that its five tracks are like a hit of 80’s stardust. It literally feels like someone through glitter before eyes your as you watch its synthetic rhythms fall upon you with a colorful shine. The New Zealand pop star has created an EP with a  discotheque playfulness that manages to make glitz enter your soul with a subtle pace.

I am sure I am not the only person that thinks big hair and high-kicks, when they re-imagine the 80’s. This era is known for its neon ideas of bigness. Though Bad Humors recalls the same ideology, there is a smoothness to its delivery that makes its vivid scope trickle into your ears. It’s rhythms enter bit  by bit like pixels in your computerized mind. Its actually quite amazing. It has taken the high energy of the 80’s and managed to transform it into elevated energy. The difference is that other 80’s tracks may make you want to move as quickly as Sonic The Hedgehog (80’s game), but Madeira’s goal is to make your mind race. Her five tracks are like a cinema reel of vivacious pictures.

Track By Track Review

Come On Thru: a quiet track that tussles between mischievousness and mournfulness. As Madeira’s hushing voice lulls over the synthetics rhythms, she encourages her lover to “come on thru”, but it is up to the listener to decide if that is a good idea after hearing her lyrics on the relationship.

Let Me Down: Madeira has a voice that coos lyrics gently. While most singers try to go loud with their voice, it is as if Madeira wishes to whisper her vocals to capture the gentility of a broken heart. Meanwhile, the song’s beats are like a manufactured waterfall. There is a nature vibe to it computerized sonics.

Manipulator: Definitely a good release single! Of all her tracks, this one captures her style in the most welcoming of ways. It is as if this is her introduction into your music collection, while her others song solid steps into her permanent stay there.

Oracle/ Horoscope: My favorite track! this song captures the old mysticism of the 80’s, where purple, velveteen jackets and black lace made people look like gorgeously goth witches. There is something dark about this track, but light-hearted enough to make you feel like you are not joining a wicked coven.

Parquet: this is my second favorite track. The clap-back bassline intoxicates as you feel like you have fallen into this song like one would into quicksand. It just grabs your as you sink into its rhythms and Madeira’s tranquil voice.

Madeira’s Bad Humors EP comes out on September 23, and you can buy it here.