Artist Close-Up: Tom Brousseau Captures North Dakota’s Beautiful Landscapes Through Music

 LA-based singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau released North Dakota Impressions, the third album in a trilogy exploring his childhood home of North Dakota following the critically acclaimed Grass Punks (2014) and Perfect Abandon (2015). The album is filled with childhood memories and musings on ideas of identity and belonging. All wrapped up in gorgeous sentimental and melancholy tinged Americana.

North Dakota Impressions proves that grace comes in simplicity. Through guitar-driven tracks and mournful melodies on love, hope, and every other virtue humanity struggles to fully grasp, listeners will feel revived in not feeling so alone. Who knew that struggling to fit into your skin was a universal problem? Hence, Tom Brousseau holds in his guitar and vocals the basic needs of a human being; to laugh, to cry, and to dream. These are all things that everyone needs to do to transition their life from being survived to lived. Thus, the magnificence of North Dakota Impressions is that is makes you feel as if somewhere in the picturesque landscapes of North Dakota is the essence of humanity, which is a beautiful thought.

Whether it be under the shade of a tree or brightness of the sun, Tom Brousseau creates songs that make you feel at one with nature: both human and environmental. Whether he is writhing in the sentimental identity crises that we all go through as grow through life or he is writing about the clarity a crisp North Dakota wind can offer, you will be stunned by how vivid his music is for being so humble in tone. I highly recommend his music for any American lover, like myself.

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Here are the tour dates for his UK Tour:
Thurs 13 Oct: One Church (with Kristin McClement) – BRIGHTON
Fri 14 Oct: Moka East – LONDON
Sat 15 Oct: The Swiss Cottage Sessions, TWYFORD
Sun 16 Oct: Salt Café – BRISTOL
Wed 19 Oct: Eagle Inn – MANCHESTER
Thurs 20 Oct: The Basement – YORK
Fri 21 Oct: Moka East – LONDON
Sat 22 Oct: Albion Beatnik – OXFORD
Full worldwide tour dates and ticket links via Tom Brousseau’s website.