Concert Review: Muuy Biien Are Punk Rock Chaos At Rough Trade

Muuy Biien reminds me of the punk-rock, no f**ks given mentality that made bands like, The Ramones, so huge. They make music that embodies a mentality of resistance to norm and counter-civility. They want to spark that internal fire in audiences that makes them want to run through streets and yell “I DON”T CARE ANYMORE!”. It is that appeal to people’s inner carelessness and anarchy that makes Muuy Biien, in concert, feel like a break from the everyday facades we all feel we must put on.
We all have issues, but we do not walk around spewing every sadness and tension we have inside our hearts. Instead, we mask our inner turmoil with the appearance of peace. Yet, Muuy Biien does not play for the “mask of peace”. This band plays from the “truth of turmoil”. Each guitar string is an ambassador for tension, meant to set the platform for lead singer Joshua Evans tensely raw vocals. If Wrath had a voice it would be Evans, which makes him a prime leader of this rising punk rock band. Although Muuy Biien means really good in Spanish, this band is really good at making every one let loose at feeling really mad.

Another Chore

Beyond amazing guitar and drum arrangements made to sound like youth in revolt, lead singer Joshua Evans is the epitome of a man over the edge. With Evans there is no “on the edge”. He is way passed it. He has jumped of the cliff of dissent and madness, to create a frenetic energy that feels like a distant fire. When he crosses through the stage dancing, tussling, and singing in the microphone like it is a tension pillow, he becomes both the physical and musical epitome of all the quiet “mini-rages” you have held inside. It is actually quite beautiful. I know that sounds like a weird word to use in association with a man I have described as the “voice of Wrath”, but I see it as beautiful because it is oddly relieving.

Audio tree Live Performance 

So many bands and singers tap into the sadness and disappointments of life when trying to sing about its negative side. Yet, what has made Muuy Biien so intriguing is that they tap into the anger and angst of life, which are dark emotions that are not the easiest to confront or acknowledge. Being angry is never a pretty look, but Muuy Biien is not trying to be pretty or non-confrontational. They are FED UP, and for the many people whom are fed up with work, a bad day, a boring routine, a malicious friend, or whatever situation that could have you feeling choked up, this band sounds like a bunch of celestial chimes ringing you to release yourself. Hence, Muuy Biien is not only relieving, they are also really fun.

Getting out that inner tension, makes your soul feel like it did a Zumba Workout. People jumped around in their makeshift mosh-pit as if Rough Trade was the epicenter for every person that needed an musical break from feeling emotionally broken. Moreover, the band played songs from their upcoming album Age of Uncertainty of which tracks like Sike Song and Mara feel like guaranteed hits to your sonic frequencies.

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