Song Review: Maggie Szabo Will Make You “Smile”

Maggie Szabo is a soul-pop princess in the best of ways. With a rich voice that can turn any bubblegum-love song into a heartfelt journey, Szabo seems bound to rise in the charts. The Canadian pop singer is winning international audiences with over 13 million views on Youtube. Seeing how she has risen through her own merit and efforts motivated the dynamic star to move from Ontario, Canada to Nashville and eventually L.A. Yet, through each city, she learned that your music only grows if you do, as well.

A catchy pop-melody is key to hooking an audience, but add on a genuinely good voice, and you have a following. Smile is Szabo’s newest track, where she breathily sings on recovering from a bad-breakup. The airy feel of her voice captures how stunned we can all feel when a once great relationship turns sour. As she lyrically picks up the pieces of her broken heart, the keys quietly play to assure that you feel her resilience through her pain. With a subtle country flare, this pop song is another stepping stone to a radio- bound superstar.

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