Song Review: Luca’s “Getting Over You” Is Like Synth Pop Confessional

His live shows have been described as confessionals at a dance party, which is exactly what his music feels like. As synth-pop beats formulate around you like a neon torpedo, his words of raw emotionality blink within like specs of light. While his rhythms will make you dance, it is his voice that will make you feel. His newest song, “Getting Over You” will give you a reliving of every instant that you were at a party, surrounded by everyone and everything, but still felt distant and vulnerable. 

Rhythmically, “Getting Over You” feels like a pixelated wave of sound. This beat is strictly digitized, but works as a contrast to Luca’s humanity. You can just see the young man in the corner of the house party, pining and pondering, over a lost love. His vocals are smooth yet broken like, a torn teddy bear; for however soft and plush it feels, it still is ripped. Thus, his voice comes of like a hint of reality against the computerized rhythms of the track, which elevates both your attention and admiration for it. You want to hear more from this human being, whose heart and soul, is trapped in the alternate reality of heartache.

Heartbreak feels like you have been taken and placed in an alternate universe. How could something so good have turned so wrong? By letting the music’s arrangements give the “alternate” sound, Luca’s voice can then give the song its universal one which is, love only hurts you because, at one time, it healed you. It is the greatest power to ever empower you, and when it disappoints you, like Luca, you can feel like a lonely voice in a filled dance party. For More Information On Luca Click Here,