Song Review: Jake Davis’ “So Let Me Go” Will Make You Want To Stay!

Multi–instrumentalist, Jake Davis transcends indie electro artistry with his ability to combine energetic electro pop with organic lyricism and soaring melodies. Davis has created a zesty sound that gives pop a rocker flare. Each track he creates, makes you feel like you are walking down the runway of life to the praise of all.

So Let Me Go is his newest track, and it is fierce. It feels like a giant bag of pop-rocks with crackling guitar strums and drum beats sifting up like the candy, itself. Davis has an affirmative voice that makes you want to sing with him “So Let Me Go!”. Moreover, there is an inherent country-soul vibe to his voice that make his lyrics carry a weight. For however, rambunctious the instrumentals get, he is remains firm and sturdy in his annotations, which furthers the song as one of strength. So Let Me Go will make you want to grab your bag, and walk out of any situation beneath you.

Davis produced many local bands during his time at UCLA; describing himself as ‘very technical’ in how he meticulously produces music from start to finish. In the summer of 2015 Davis formed a band with friends Jordan Meltzer (guitar), James Harmon (bass), Eddy Barco (drums); enabling him to reach a new overwhelmingly energetic performance. He explains “I think what stands out is the writing, the hooks and the lyrics. That’s what get people to the shows. But once they’re there none of that matters, it’s all about the energy.” I could not agree more.

While his songs may be the bait, it his presence that is the hook. Davis has a casual style that makes his dynamic music have  lax undertones. Although its synthetic rhythms can make a listener rise up, Davis approaches performance as it is his nature: not a spectacle. The contrast of bombastic beats with Davis’ inner coolness, adds more charm to his performance. For More Information on Jake Davis Click Here.