Song Review: Emmit Fenn Will Leave You “Blinded”

If ever there was a song that sounded more like a man trapped in a virtual vortex; it wood be Emmit Fenn’s “Blinded”. Amongst haunting, heavy synths that feels like emotional bricks dropped from Heaven unto your soul, Fenn’s voice comes off like a computerized weeping willow. He sounds like a man worn from love in the digital age. 

“Blinded” is a digitized in sound, but spiritual in effect. It immediately captures a sense of melancholy and mystery, as if you have walked into a ghostly home, where ghouls of pastlovers  live and await. In some ways, the image is not far from Blinded’s theme. Fenn repeats this single, beautiful lyric “Don’t need this like I used to cause I feel blinded by you”. He does not fully express what “this” is or how his lover has “blinded” him. Yet, there is a core feeling that a “goodbye” is amidst. Is it goodbye to his “old life” because new love has “blinded” him? Or is it that this “old love” has decided “blinded” him for so long that he has decided to see on his own? Whatever the situation, an odd note of hope plays into his bundled voice. 

Fenn’s vocals manage to capture a depth to human emotion, despite its simple, singular lyric and synthesized beats. The sonics of the track coat his voice to give it the “bundled” effect I mentioned, where you feel like Fenn’s voice is a willow tree whisking his weeping words into airy sounds. Yet, whether this a track of optimism or true melancholy is up for interpretation, which I love. By giving only one lyric and letting his voice be its sentimental layers, each listener will walk away with their own narrative on what has left Emmit Fenn “Blinded”. For More Information On Emmit Fenn Click Here.