Artist Close- Up: The Whooligan Is Set To Light Up Terminal 5 On December 12

The Whooligan is one of the best Hip Hop DJ’s and will be playing, Decemebr 12, at Terminal 5. He is a seasoned musician with a real knack ofr not just making beats but defining musical tastes. The difference lies in power. Yes, you can produce a song, but as the Director of Worldwide Bookings and Partnerships for the record label, Soulection, The Whooligan has had to decipher both the foundation and future of music.

Soulection is filled with fantastic artists that have united in power to transform global culture. Their initiative is strong and has transformed the life of talented musicians into international purveyors of sound. As they explain, 
Soulection is a record label, radio show and niche collective of creative music makers and programmers worldwide…..With music as the foundation, Soulection exists to inspire a shift in passive consumption placing value on community, discovery, transparency, DIY growth and the artistry of music.”
Soulection is one of the few labels geared more towards the future of music than its present, which may surprise you. The now is always taken as more important, for obvious reasons, but to make sure that music remains fresh and innovative, the future must be more heavily considered. It is for this reason that both Soulection and The Whooligan create music that cannot be boxed in by era or labels beyond their genre. Hence, The Whooligan is definitely Hip Hop, but his distinction is more fluid or rather more New York.

I can’t explain it, which is why I know its good, but The Whooligan, real name Julio Galvez, has captured the sounds of New York City or, in essence, city life. The Brooklyn resident creates music that matches the iconic, buzzing world of NYC. Whether it be overtures of speeches/ conversations, twilighted beats that sounds like subways opening, fuzzed rhythms moving at the same, rapid pace of “The City’s” people, you can hear the pulsing flesh and blood that makes New York feel like, an actual person. The greatest cities in the world are great because they feel like spirits. Paris, London, Tokyo, Amsterdam, etc, all feel like they are their own, distinguishable entity with emotions, thoughts, and moods coursing through them as if they, too, can express themselves like human beings. People gravitate to cities believing that, there, their dreams will come true because, in some ways, these cities are dreams within themselves. The idea and imagination of New York is far more powerful than the “Concrete Jungle”, itself. It is in that notion of imagination conquering reality that The Whooligan makes music that speaks to you like the dreams of a human being.

For More Information On The Whooligan And Soulection Click Here. Check Out His Show On December 12.