Song Review: Lost Kings “Phone Down” Will Have Everyone Dancing To Its Truth

Hilarious, accurate, and rhythmically infectious are just some of the terms to describe Lost Kings’ Phone Down. This track is so danceable it is dangerous. I can already see people exerting themselves trying to match the bouncing bass and electric synths of its composition. Luckily, it features Emily Warren’s  lush voice to bring some humorous reality to its virtual beats.

Both video and song are too funny in their truth: PUT THE PHONE DOWN! When you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it can be incredibly annoying to watch them be sucked in by their phone’s multiple apps. From Google to text messaging, you can lose your lover’s attention all too quickly. Yet, as Warren sings, the loss of attention is not just a nuisance; it is also insulting. Since when did a phone give you the love and affection of your partner. Do Angry Birds sleep by your side in bed? Welp, for certain boyfriends and girlfriends, they do, and Phone Down is the epic, EDM club-banger that approaches this commonly growing annoyance of phone interruption on relationship,  which makes it a hit.

Phone Down 

When songs go for the details of love, rather than its image, it has the sincere opportunity to be great. By now, music has pretty much covered the face of “falling in love” and heartbreak, which explains why the producer duo, Lost Kings, went straight for the nuances. Nowadays, people break up because their lover was on the phone too much, to which Lost Kings and Emily Warren say put the “Phone Down” because love is worth way more than a candy crush. Nothing like music to give yo some truth!  For More Information On Lost Kings Click Here.