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Album Review: Autolux Live At Third Man Records An Ode To Noise Rock

There is something to be said when rock icon Jack White hears you live, and decides your concert must be recorded and released. That is what happened to Autolux, and explains why Live At Thrid Man Records has been released unto the world like a synthesized creature. This ten track album features songs from the last album PUSSY’’S DEAD and others from their archive. The album proves that this notorious electric- rock band can bring the virtual to any reality.

For over a decade, Autolux has swept the world with its experimental rock/ electronica. When you hear their music you feel like you have entered a Mission: Impossible Game. In it, you are a secret agent perusing the virtual cities in search of codes and gold. They serve a movie-type adrenaline with you as the protagonist of an action-thriller. With each bass beat they drop, you can see your feet running through pixelated streets escaping bad guys and saving the distressed. That type of synthesized adrenaline is not easy to capture live, which explains why Jack White was so moved by them.

Live At Third Man Records is like a masterclass in how to be a timeless performer. Surviving and distinguishing yourself in the music industry is not easy. Surpassing a decade as an innovate, creatively distinct band is a praiseworthy milestone. Hence, Live At Third Man Records comes off like a tour-de-force victory lap for the band. There is a vibrancy to their playing that makes the record feel like a literal concert is happening before your eyes. There will be moments, especially as you listen to Soft Scene and Brainwasher, where you feel apart of the crowd. Their cheering heightens the level of excitement at listening their to hits. Hence, the natural adrenaline of their music escalates through the jolting energy of the crowd to make you feel like your “imaginary action thriller” has welcomed co-stars in the fellow audience members.

This record was made for Autolux fans, and encompassed everything we love about them. Eugene Goreshter brings his smooth, sullen voice to enrapture listeners into the noise-rock darkness their electronica can brew. Following his lead are Greg Edwards and Carla Azar to complete the artful design of Autolux sounds. For them, music has a genius interior that must be composed, not as an artist, by as an architect. There is a structure to music, and Autolux plans to build it with an alternative rock that makes you the madness and beauty of existing in this world. For More Information on Autloux and To Buy Live At Third Man Records Click Here.