Album Review: Axis Sova’s “Motor Earth” Is Scorching Psychadelia

Axis: Sova ‘s Motor Earth is like someone dripped psychedelic oil all over your record player. It brings up the grit and rowdiness that bands AC/DC and Black Sabbath standardized for youth that is not just alienated by society, but is anarchic to its norms. Motor Earth is mechanical in composition and chaotic in its promotion, which will endear so many listeners.

Motor Earth panders to the sides of our being that want to enter where they should not or push buttons they should not touch. The point is it an album for the rebel in all of us, to which Motor Earth becomes an allegory for the inner motor that drives us to scorch through our lives and the mechanical rhythms that machine through its tracks. The dystopian ambiance of Motor Earth  is reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall. You can just see the swirling ideas that ran through lead singer/ composer Brett Sova’s mind as he envisioned this album to be an ode to the un-conformist or the inner Katniss Everdeen in all of us.

Sova’s record shines as an elaboration to the piercing activism a good guitar riff can spark in us. Like an electric plug to our soul, the guitar strikes in sound an awakening our minds. Through music mysticism it calls us to push boundaries and definitions of life. something Sova clearly understands and wishes to enact. Going along with the imagery of oil and mechanics the album summons, each guitar string is like a clear, black smudge placed on a white wall out of protest. Brett Sova’s voice actually does strike some Ozzy Osbourne/ Joe Strummer comparisons in how he uses vocal annotations to elaborate his inner turmoil and his penchant for counter-culture behaviors. To Axis: Sova, the uncleanliness of our minds and hearts is not something to fear but embrace. This may sound mad to some, but is actually a beautiful message.

Lyrically, Axis: Sova is more than about finding you inner anarchist. Axis: Sova is also about accepting and embracing that your inner rebel has always been there. This is not an ignition of insanity. Instead, this is so that you may stop fighting yourself, and learn to actually see your fears, insecurities, and ability to question as a foundation for your rising. Only when you accept and learn to positively manifest every side of yourself, even you inner poet/rebel, then you will gain clarity.  Remember inner chaos stems from one’s inability to confront and cope with challenges to which Axis: Sova picks up the gauntlet and faces every issue with a rocker, carefree mentality. For More Information On Axis: Sova and To Buy Motor Earth Click Here.

Favorite Tracks:

Eyes Have It: this is classic rock, “The Who” glory! You can just envision yourself being a teenager in the 70’s and head-banging across your living room like the music was pummeling through you.

Routine Machine: psychedelic at its finest. With guitar riffs that bring up mental, abstract pictures, and, like most psychedelic rock, lyrically questions, “Why things are the way they are and not otherwise?”.

Violent Yellow: a quick guitar and drum-beat make this one a “punker” of a mix. Definitely, some The Clash inspiration courses this tracks as it is the musical embodiment of angst and the amount of tension a good chord arrangement can strike in your soul.