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Album Review: Carmen Villain’s Voice Places You In A Sonic “Planetarium”

Carmen Villain has traveled the world. The Norwegian- Mexican model has spent years honing her musical production skills to radiate what we all most desire, peace, particularly the tranquility of seclusion. Rare are the moments when we can feel alone, silent, and safe, all at once. Such an idea can even terrify people, but, to others, it is like a spiritually cosmic event from which serenity is born. Planetarium is a 4 track EP born from the idea that being alone can also be fulfilling.

The “alone” factor of Planetarium comes from its oceanic vibe. Villain’s voice ripples through every version of “Planetarium” and “Safe”. She vocally sparkles like sunlight through the sea as she aims only to add to the atmospheric vibe of her EP. If anything, she sounds like an added synth-wave coursing through the blues and calm of the deep ocean. She was not kidding when she named her EP Planetarium. Its instrumentals feel like recordings from a nature video rather than a keyboard. Thus, sit back, relax, and feel like you have dived into the ocean, but you are not going to drown. Instead, you will be still, and Carmen Villain will be the one to hold you. For More Information On Carmen Villain And To Buy Planetarium On June 2 Click Here.