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Album Review: Dave Depper Gives You An Emotion Freedom Technique

Another great album, another great week! Dave Depper makes his debut in Emotion Freedom Technique, to which his album might actually be one. The album goes down like a sweet, soft cake, with instrumentals that frost of your ears and heart like its your Birthday. In essence, this album makes me happy.

The Portland musician uses 80’s electro rhythms to go build a stage for songs that make you want to high-kick through life. “Do You Want Love”, “Summer Days”, and “Your Voice On The Radio” are bright and positive probes into the soul. Depper, in essence, uses his debut to ask, “Do you really want to be happy?”. The answer may seem obvious, “Of COURSE!”. Yet, it is your behavior that can show otherwise. Amongst keys and drums that swindle and jump like an water aerobics class, are lyrics that challenge listeners’ to see whether they truly fight for their happiness as they say. “Never Worked So Hard” and “Hindsight/ Emotion Freedom Technique”, instrumentally, dials down the buoyancy of previously mentioned tracks to bring a slower, shimmering electro. Sonically, it is the equivalent to turning down the lights to watch a film, which in some ways are what these songs/ album are about, except the film is a dreamy replay of your past relationships. From “Lonely With You” to “Anywhere Anytime”, Depper ponders how much he has, truly, given himself to relationships. Was he always invested in his partner? To the fullest? In the most fruitful fashion? In this sense, Depper becomes a sweet and surprising voice that, inadvertently, helps listeners see how much of “you”, that you giveas a person, measures how much you receive as a partner. Hence, happiness is not a “ destination” to Depper, but more like a goal or chosen mind-frame that he dancingly and deeply observes to find.

Personally, I love when music makes me dance and think, which Dave Depper’s Emotion Freedom Technique. Each song like, “Communication” or “EZ- 101”, feels like it is from an 80’s teen “rom-com” where the young protagonist discovers big hair and shoulder pads are only physical armors to cover some spiritual deficiencies. Unfortunately, the 80’s obsession for big images is not gone in 2017. Yet, for all the bigness or digitization of his music back-drop, Depper’s voice has and airy quality. He sprights through lyrics with a luminescence that makes his own voice feel electric. Thus, for a man looking inward, to his heart, he sure knows how to reach outwards to yours. For More Information On Dave Depper And To Buy Emotion Freedom Technique On June 9 Click Here.