Album Review: Pop & Obachan Give Pop A Mystical Edge in “Misc. Excellence”

Pop usually has an idealic sound that is equated with Heaven, and, for many,  being mystical is that rightful blend of Heaven’s magic for human hands. Alright, I know that sounds deep, but it brings me to my next point. Pop & Obachan (P&O)  have created an indie-pop record in Misc. Excellence that feels like celestial wizardry. 
If someone told me that Emma Tringali and Jake Smisloff, i.e. P &O, used a wand to spark the playfully majestic sound of Misc. Excellence, I would believe them. This may sound nerdy, but their mix of youthfulness and twinkling sonics will makes listeners feel like a Hufflepuff running though Hogwarts, which is a huge compliment. There is a sweetness to their approach to life’s pop that makes you want to dance and hug the world like, you, yourself, were magic. Its capacity to make you feel like you are swirling through lights and love, both lyrically and instrumental, is warming to the spirit. Still, the imaginativeness of this record is unsurprising because Emma and Jake created P&O with the purpose to make illustrative music. For them, sounds are like picture-books that tell a story through their inspired  colors, shapes, and words. This idea of music being both seen and hears is what, eventually, attracted other band members  Evan Daves (drums), Del Montgomery (bass), Cian McCarthy (guitar), and Matia Emsellem (vocals), Pop & Obachan to becomes a six piece reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac.

I love Fleetwood Mac, and I can definitely say that P&O brings this legendary band to a new generation. Like Fleetwood Mac, they create narrative tales that seem from the ground of another dimension. This grounded sentiment comes from the fact that P&O recorded on a Fostex tape deck claiming “We felt really excited that the tape had this energy built into it, and that we could extend it’s lifespan a little bit.”Hence, why you will feel the Fleetwood Mac- Harry Potter vibes I have mentioned of  Misc.Excellence. Pop & Obachan have made record that is a radio into a magical world, and explains why listeners will fall in love with them: there is nothing like music that makes you happily dream. 
Favorite Tracks
Elora: a musically whimsical tale of a woman approaching life an her power. Tringalli’s voice is so softly present that it makes you feel like you are dancing under the moonlight under the whitest snow. 
Peach Fuzz (let love remain): One word: sweet. This song is simply sweet like, a gentle kiss on the cheek. It is a keys-driven track with simple vocals by Trinagalli again. It is the kind of son you listen to when you need to quiet your mind and rest in love. 
Bad Way: a vortex of synthetic music, Bad Way represents every way we might sabotage ourselves in love, and thus life. Yet, for all the bad ways we do this, we can still dance to some good pop music, i.e. Pop & Obachan.
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