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Album Review: Ruby Empress Impresses With “Empressionism”

Ruby Empress Empressionism feels like a new style of painting. While impressionism is equated with  wavy pastels, Empressionism is wavy neon colors. Ruby Empress have created music that ships listeners on a boat-ride into the starry night, but these stars are rainbow-colored and meant to guide your observance of how you move and see life. 

Impressionism was an art form meant to make analyze the abstract of life through blurred visuals, to which Empressionism does the same through blurred synths and a bassline that strikes each song like a brush stroke. I do not mean to draw on this correlation between Ruby Empress’ Empressionism and 19th century Impressionism because the names sound similar. I do so because the vibes and mindful auras they cast over their observers are singular and the same. Expressionism hits your body like the hand of a lover that has gently grabbed you to his or her side. You are pulled by their sweet, psychedelic  melodies that caress your thoughts exactly like said lover, and give a kind resonance to 80’s romance film soundtracks. I know that is very specific, but films like Pretty In Pink and Say Anything had acclaimed soundtracks because they were the beginning electronica and pop music’s beginning. While Empressionism aims more for electronica than pop, it does not stray from syrupy rhythms and sugared harmonies, of which I am personally addicted to the candied voice of Tom Serner.

I have often asked myself whether you can fall in love with someone’s voice.  I get sent so much music that I feel like I am falling for people’s words and the way they say them more and more. Serner has a voice made for psychedelia. His vocal plays smartly emote and abstract sentiments that plush with passion. “Lovelight” is one of the sexiest songs I have heard in awhile. It brings back 80’s glam with glittery splashes of modern pop. In “Strung Out” and “Deluca” Serne heightens his voice to match the “beachy” synths of fellow vocalist /keyboardist Axel Agervi. When they harmonize together they elaborate the bright fun of their album, which is what they want to achieve. Yet, they want to do this with an aristocratic aura that gives songs like “Danseuses De Delphes” and “Ruby Empress” a feel of French nobility. After all, what place is more equated with love than France. Hence, it was distinguishing to hear light notes of French techno/pop in an album that, overall, is dedicated to how crazy and confident love can make you feel. For More Information On Ruby Empress And To Buy Empressionism On February 10 Click Here.