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Album Review: Sharon Jones Reveals That The “Soul of A Woman” Is Eternal

Honest Question: Could Sharon Jones do any wrong? I had the privilege of seeing Sharon before she, unfortunately, lost her life to cancer. Yet, even in her “weakest form”, she had more energy and heart that most of us will ever gain. It is that inner, holier force that drives her last album with The Dap Kings, Soul WomanSharon Jones & the Dap-Kings “Matter of Time” OFFICIAL VIDEO

It is hard not to want revel in this record as the final bit of glory Sharon Jones left behind. Jones voice embodies how love raptures you in songs, “Just Give Me Your Time”, “Pass Me By”, and “When I Saw Your Face”. She reiterates in her vocals how stunning love is in both beauty and force. It simply takes you in ways that better you, but also make you feel stunted when love betrays you like in, “These Tears Are No Longer For You” and “Girl (You Got To Forgive Him)”. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings are 100% essence of Soul and Motown, which is why in being classics, they feel so new. From “Matter of Time” to “Searching For A New Day” every chorus, string, and rhythm is made with the idea that to sit in your seat is a travesty. Yet, then again, that is the motto of Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings; why sit or even stand through life, when you can dance through it. Thus, although this album feels more potently crafted in melodic arrangements to embrace the thoughtfulness and sweetness of Sharon Jones’ voice and person, you still get her classic, “bigger than the universe” vibe.
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings “Call on God” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Maybe, it is because it is her final record, and it was done during her most physically trying times, but you can feel Sharon’s heart is Soul of A Woman. It was as if she had to leave her spirit in her music, which you especially feel in the riveting, gospel track “Call On God”. The level of intimacy from which she sings makes you feel like each song is a confirmation that her life and talent was very much something to watch. Soul of A Woman is a magnificent record left behind by a magnificent singer and person: Sharon Jones. Click Here For To Buy Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Soul of A Woman On November 17.