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Album Review: Temples Blaze Virtual Rock in “Volcano”

Temples’ newest album, Volcano, has to be the start of a new genre with how its morphs what we define as “rock”. I like to think that in this era of analogs and digi-bytes, that Temples have struck “virtual rock” as their genre for Volcano. Each song plays as if you are a dragon-slayer in another dimension, and whether or not you save the kingdom depends on how you maneuver the world in your mind.
Temples – Certainty


The brain is a fascinating thing. Each head is a universe, and in bringing dual worlds through their sound and lyrics, Temples transport listeners into a whole other level of consciousness that is not spiritual as much as imaginative. Lyrically, their words range into child-like mysticism, in which they see the world’s weirdness as natural. It is as if lead singer James Bagshaw is Don Quijote, and while the rest of us see a windmill, he sees giants. He sings his songs descriptively in the sense that he utters them like a person would when describing a painting with a mutual wonder and curiosity . As if every time he sings a lyric, he finds a new detail. Songs such as “Celebration” “Open Air” and “How Would You Like To Go” feel as big as LIFE, itself, which makes sense as they  target the vastness of being alive. They give such a magical exhilaration that you feel as if you are in that Doctor Strange scene where you go through the universe in a three-minute song. Tracks like,”Strange or Be Forgotten” is literally a carousel of sonic lights that promote the grandeur of being “weird” because it means being memorable. After all, everyone recall those that stood out from the crowd rather than the crowd, itself. Moreover, the drums kick through each song like a heart-monitor socially measuring how your blood should beat through tracks such as, “All Join In” and “In My Pocket”, which are my favorites. Yet, admittedly, it is hard to pick my favorite songs from this record because in being so fantastical in its musical interpretation of human reality/perception, I feel that each track is one to decide what kind of fantasy you want in your day.
Temples – Strange Or Be Forgotten

Strange Or Be Forgotten

The great part of Volcano is that it is a visionary album. The minute you press play you, go somewhere else, and, in this world, we all need a somewhere else to envision. Again, Bagshaw’s descriptive, mellow voice does well to guide you into the emotional twists of your Volcano journey. “Mystery of Pop” feels exactly like its title. You have entered a murder-mystery of love through an alt-pop/indie-rock track that will, sincerely, make you feel like you are thrashing a Medieval sword through the lies of others. Frankly, I am enamored with this album. It elevates the idea of “feel-good” by making listeners dream again as if they were kids. Not many albums have had such fantastical success, but when you look at prior bands like, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club, going above the minds of listeners will, undoubtedly, make you land in their hearts. For More Information On Temples and to buy Volcano On March 3 Click Here.