Album Review: The Glazzies Kill Me Kindly LP Will Make You Soft To Their Hard Rock Sound

Hard Rock, Punk Flare, Folk Lyrics, and Indie Voices are the four mystical elements that make The Glazzies the band to watch. Their newest LP Kill Me Kindly has received praise from MTV, Sternum, and other prestigious music outlets because, to be frank, when something is good NO ONE should deny it. Thus, Kill Me Kindly is a grungy psychedelic trip into the darkness of one’s soul with singer/guitarist Peter Landi and drummer Dave Horn there to make sure you always stay highly afloat in this voyage. 

Diandra Reviews It All may be a site about the positivity and lightness of music, but that does not mean that the darkness of life is avoidable. Thus, The Glazzies fiercely driven guitar riffs and thick drum-lines are the perfect, musical way to embrace the edginess of spiritual turmoil. Lead Singer Peter Landi has a voice made for indie rock. It is has a natural pensiveness to it, which adds on to the record’s lyrics on “Wasting Time” or “Lay Low”, where the band constantly encompasses how it feels to have buckets of ambition but also not want to be apart of anything. The thought may seem dichotomizing or paradoxical, but what is a human being if not those two things.
What I love about Killing Me Kindly is the overarching theme: the torn feeling of wanting to apart of the world and also completely shut it out. Some may say you are a lazy or hopeless when you just want to close the world out of your life, but it could be exhausting to be a social/ human being. Every “on” person has a moment where they want to “turn off” and “tune out”, These moments, personally happen when I am watching discouraging news. Yet, they can happen to anyone. It could happen to a person whom has been rejected for the 50th millionth time from a job or a lover. It could happen to a person that is simply in a bad mood. The point is every human being is tempted to say “Forget You World!”, and The Glazzies have captured that angsty sentiment in the 10-track Kill Me Kindly.

Ultimately, Killing Me Kindly will have fans of hard, alternative rock weeping from joy that two men get the whole point off this genre; ANGST! We all have it, even thought we do not want to say it. Yet, with guitar hooks that bait you like a fish, lyrics that can come off as raw as a diary page, and drumming that sounds like the heartbeat of person’s rage, Killing Me Kindly will speak for you when you cannot. For More Information on The Glazzies and to buy Kill Me Kindly Click Here.