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Album Review: The Orwells Continue To Prove They Are “Terrible Human Beings”

The Orwells are loud, obnoxious, insane, aggressive, and absolutely brilliant for it. Their new album Terrible Human Beings goes straight for the debaucherous nature of American Rock. You can hear the flags wave, the four-tracks rave, and the beers smash while motorcycles do “donuts” in the back-lot. There is no nuance to their style which I love. Do not get me wrong, I am all about details, but The Orwells are taking a straight shot to prove they are Terrible Human Beings
It is no secret that The Orwells have built their sound and persona off the guys most likely to light a track can in the middle of the room. They approach their music and, thus listeners, as if they have been infected with madness, but they are not scared. Instead, they embrace chaos like a joyful friend  as seen in songs “Creatures” and “M.A.D”. Even by their titles you know you are about hear a song that is heavy in chords and light in civility. These men are not to be presented to your mom, but they relish that idea of being the “horrors” to society as seen in “Hippie Soldier” and “They Put A Body In The Bayou”. Yet, they clearly do not see society as something worth their partaking. They would much rather blaze a chord or have Mario Cuomo give his sick vocals. I do not, usually, use the word “sick” as a compliment, but I have a feeling that Cuomo would appreciate it. He plays with his voice as if he has been infected by music and confounded by a lyrical disease that makes him rebuke the world and reproach himself as seen in tracks, “Heavy Head”, “Last Call”, and “Fry”. Cuomo, vocally, is over playing nice by showing a rougher edge is much funner. 
The Orwells – Black Francis [Official Video]

What I enjoy most about The Orwells as a band is, again, their straight aim for rough-housing and rollicking. They want to have a good time even if it means their last time. Of course, I do not support dangerous, drug induced behavior, but, again, they are fun because they go for the idea of being free even if it means being naughty. Songs such as “Black Francis” and “Buddy” may be a parent’s nightmare/ promotion of mischief, but, if you are like me, then you know life is balance. Sometimes, you have push boundaries to see that they exist and ask about their purpose. Hence, The Orwells resonate with 80/70s hard rock when life was meant to live like it was on fire, which will, definitely, attract a wider fan-base. Especially, because Terrible Human Beings is a completely sonic ownership of their personas as “terrible”. It is more confident and sophisticated in its production, which agin shows they are about clearly being Terrible Human Beings. To Buy Terrible Human Beings On February 17 Click Here. 

The Orwells – They Put A Body In The Bayou [Official Video]//” width=”560″>

They Put A Body In The Bayou